How to Apply for Italy visa in Nigeria Without Stress

italian visa in nigeria

Italy is one of the most popular and well-visited countries in the world. However, you need to apply for an Italy visa in Nigeria before you can visit Italy.

Italy is located in Southern Europe between the Mediterranean Sea. Also, Italy shares borders with France, Slovenia, Vatican City and San Marino.

The Italian capital Rome and it is one of the most visited places in the world. It is also a well-populated country with over 65 million occupants. The country practices a parliamentary system of government and her official currency is Euros- amazing details right?

Therefore, this article presents to you selected vital information on how to apply for an Italy visa in Nigeria and the requirements. Italy is one of the many countries you can consider for relocation.

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Amazing tourist destinations in Italy

First, here is a list of ten promising destinations to add to your Italy travel bucket list;

  • Canals, Carnival & San Marco square, Venice
  • Renaissance art & Brunelleschi’s Duomo, Florence
  • Lively port with Sant’Andrea cathedral, Amalfi
  • Palace, museum, opera, Caravaggio and Dante Alighieri; Naples
  • Sardinia Beaches, Bronze Age ruins & Cagliari
  • St. Peter’s Basilica & Sistine Chapel; Vatican City
  • Lake Como
  • Duomo, “The Last Supper” & high fashion, Milan
  • The Colosseum, iconic art & the Vatican, Rome
  • Cinque Terre, Sentiero Azzurro

Before your trip, you can book a tour guide or tourism package with Travelwaka. This will make your vacation worthwhile and enjoyable with preplanned fun activities and stunning destinations.

apply for italy visa in Nigeria

Incredible reasons to plan a tour to Italy

Italy is a promising country for whatever your tourism desires are. Hence, these are some of the reasons you should travel a trip to Italy:

A trip to the world’s largest fashion hub

Made in Italy sounds familiar to many fashion enthusiasts and this has made Italy a fashion centre for tourists and residents.

Milan in Italy is the economic capital as well as the fashion capital of Italy. Here, diverse clothing and accessories are produced which are mind-blowing and very attractive.

Romantic getaways

Destinations in Italy present a great spot for romantic escapes, beach hangouts and nightlife. It is also best for honeymoon.

Standard Economy

The economy of Italy focuses on transport, energy, science and technology, agriculture, and tourism. Therefore, Italy stands out with leading innovations and high employment rates with a GDP of $ 51,062 per capita and a total of $3 trillion in 2022.


Italy is the world’s largest wine producer, and one of the leading in olive oil, fruits (apples, olives, grapes, oranges, lemons, pears, apricots, hazelnuts, peaches, cherries, plums, strawberries and kiwifruits), and vegetables such as tomatoes.

Also, wines made from quality brewing and farm produce are processed in Italy. The most famous Italian wines are probably the Tuscan Chianti and the Piedmontese Barolo.

Other reasons to tour Italy are;

  • High Quality of Life
  • Safety and Security
  • Topnotch Healthcare System
  • Quality Education
  • Diverse Tourist Attractions
  • Captivating innovations
italian visa

Eligibility for the Italian visa

First, you have to obtain an Italian visa if you are not a citizen of countries under the European Union agreement. Also, citizens of other countries like Nigeria need to present an Italian visa to visit Italy.

Likewise, if you are a student, business owner or patient desiring medical attention in Italy, you need an Italian visa.

Types of Italian visa available to Nigerians

These are the different types of visas for Italy.

Schengen Visa

The Italy Schengen visa is valid to tour certain states in Italy under the Schengen agreement. Therefore as a citizen of Schengen states or countries in the European Union, you do not need the Italy Schengen visa.

Yet as a Nigerian, a short-term Schengen visa which is valid for 90 is issued to you. Thus, this Italy Schengen visa costs $96 per applicant.

Business Visa

The Italy business visa costs €60 and it is obtainable if you decide to tour Italy for business meetings, conferences, seminars and training. However, you should provide all relevant information on your travel.

This includes tax information, business registration status and cash inflow and outflow records. Furthermore, if you have been invited by a firm in Italy, you must present the invitation letter and all relevant documents.

Study Visa

The study visa is also a Schengen visa which allows you to stay in Italy for 90 days to a year or more. Though the main focus is education, therefore you are to provide proof that an institution in Italy has offered you admission. To augment this, transcripts and certificates from previous institutions are essential. Plus, the Italy tourist visa costs €100.

Transit Visa

Italy transit visa is valid for you to transit or travels through Italy on your way to another country. It is valid for 24 hours and cannot be extended, though it is processed within 15 days from the time you apply for it.

Also, the Italy transit visa costs 60 Euros and you must be out of Italy once the visa expires.

Medical Visa

Italy medical visa is obtained when you wish to receive medical care or urgent treatment in Italy. Therefore you are to submit all relevant bio-data with evidence of payment for medical care.

Similarly, the receiving hospital should send an approval that indeed you are coming over for treatment. Payment of the Italy medical visa fee which costs 60 Euros is also a part of the requirements.

Tourist or Visitor Visa

The Italian tourist visa is issued to Nigerians who are travelling to Italy for exploration, leisure, and enjoyment.

Therefore, if you wish to enter Italy for a short stay, you can do so by obtaining a Schengen Visa to Italy. Also, the visa is valid for 90 days and you are allowed a one-time entry(single entry visa) to Italy.

To add to the above the Italy tourist visa costs 80 Euros and it takes about two to three weeks to process.


Best time to apply for the Italian visa

Application for an Italy visa should begin at least three to six weeks before your intended travel date. This means that early application is also mandatory and could lead to a favourable response.

Cost of Italy visa

The cost of an Italy visa ranges from 60 Euros to 100 Euros. This is dependent on the category of visa and its validity. For instance, the single entry for the Italy Schengen tourist visa is 80 Euros while the student visa is 100 Euros.

Validity of Italy visa

The validity of an Italy visa ranges from 1 day for a transit visa and up to five years for permanent residency. Besides, this depends on your purpose of travel and the category of visa selection.

However, your visa is invalid once the duration allocated to you expires. This means that you should not overstay your duration in Italy for any reason.

Requirements for Italy visa in Nigeria

Nigerians applying for Italy visa are required to fill out the visa application form and print it out once completed. Although, if you are not a Nigerian but residing in Nigeria at the time, then you must include relevant citizenship.

Similarly, this citizenship should be added in form of a valid means of identification, passport details and contact information.

Furthermore, your embassy visit is important not to ignore for whatever reason. Plus you are to apply for Italy visa appropriately without including errors.

Documents needed to apply for the Italian visa in Nigeria

International Passport

The Nigerian International passport must be valid with enough empty pages. Also, it is relevant for at least 6 months before expiration and must be the one obtained from a recognized immigration office.

In addition, your passport should not be older than ten years and should remain valid even after you return to your country.

Recent Passport Photograph

A recent passport photograph valid for six months with appropriate background. You can do well to read all instructions on the kind of passport photograph Italy requires.

Travel itinerary or plan

Your travel plan should include locations to be visited in Italy, date of arrival and departure. Also, you must provide this plan in a well-detailed format.

Statement of Purpose

A statement of purpose is presented in a well-drafted cover letter. This explains your intentions for travelling, aims, goals and benefits of visiting Italy.

Though, you need to add relevant information and be direct to avoid a visa rejection for unnecessary information.

Medical Insurance

Generally, to visit a Schengen area or country you must provide medical insurance. This covers your health cost, medical emergencies and other healthcare needs.

Letter of invitation provided by a host( relatives, friends, company)

If you are visiting Italy from Nigeria for business or other purposes, you must also provide an invitation letter. The invitation letter from a firm should indicate your name and status in the company. Also, you must include travel dates, itinerary, duration of stay, details of the trip’s sponsor, and the purpose of visit, and be signed by a credible person.

While the same applies to an invitation letter from your friends and family, you should add the citizenship status of your host. Similarly, their contact information, employment status and passport details with a valid email address are essential.

Return flight tickets

Return flight tickets prove that you intend to return to your home country when you are done in Italy. Therefore, you can reserve flight tickets and provide relevant tracking information.

Accommodation details

As evidence that you have a place to stay in Italy, you have to submit lodging information. Also, you can add the residential address of your host or a receiving hospital in Italy for medical visa options.

Valid means of identification and citizenship status

Valid means of identification asides from your International passport is needed. Nevertheless, it will be requested from you as additional documents if necessary. For instance, birth certificates, marriage certificates, educational certificates and so on.

Evidence of funds/ Bank statement

A minimum bank balance is required for you to tour Italy. This amount varies depending on your duration in the country.

You must provide a six months visa, the bank statement of account should enough funds to cover your cost and other expenses. While the bank balance for a student visa should have enough funds to cover fees and living costs for an academic year.

Business tax status and returns

As proof that you own a registered company that yields great returns and is thriving, documented evidence should be provided.

In addition, all information submitted about your firm or business should have a letterhead and be addressed to the appropriate quarters.

Step-by-Step Guide to Apply for Italy visa in Nigeria

Identify your visa need and category

Download the Italy visa application form online and fill appropriately

Attach relevant documents to your visa application form

Pay your visa fees

Schedule an appointment with the Italian embassy in Nigeria

Visit the embassy for your interview at the appointed time and submit all documents

Await a decision from the embassy on your approval

Important points to consider when applying for an Italy visa

All relevant travel documents should be attached to the Italy visa

Your visa category determines the cost and validity

Ensure you apply with legal information

Application for a minor should include a duly signed consent form

The Italy Schengen visa is free for children below 6 while children aged 6-12 will pay half of the adult visa fee.

Address of the Italian embassy in Nigeria

The Italian embassy in Nigeria to submit all your travel documents and attend your interviews are located in:

Italian Embassy in Abuja

Sterling Bank Plaza, 3rd Floor, Plot 1083 Mohammadu Buhari Way, Central Business District, Abuja, Nigeria

Italian Embassy in Lagos

Manor House, Plot 110, Admiral Ayinla Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria.


On this note, I will also have to include that your prompt application for an Italy visa is important. This is because you have to consider the embassy’s decision factors and limited time frame.
Also, Italy is a popular choice for tourists for Nigerians, therefore you can be likely to get a tourist visa easily if you act right. Nevertheless, with Travelwaka, a stress-free Italy visa application is guaranteed to avoid all unnecessary hassles of visa application.
We await your message for the required assistance with the application for the Italy visa. Best wishes!

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