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I posted a Chicwish review in 2022 which you all loved! So I’m back in 2023 with an updated take on this budget retailer with a retro aesthetic. Read on for the latest scoop on Chicwish, plus strategies for shopping this store and a look at the five Chicwish outfits that are now in my regular rotation.

Is Chicwish legit?

Chicwish is a fast-fashion retailer based in China. The store’s indie vibe is a mix of Asos, Shein, and SimplyRetro.

At Chicwish, there are seemingly endless pages of garments to shop (Asos), the prices are reasonable (Shein), and the styles lean into vintage-inspired details like high necklines, high waists, and A-line skirts (SimplyRetro). You’ll also find bows, buttons, pearls, contrast piping, ruching, tulle, and other fun elements.

And yes, Chicwish is legit. I’ve ordered from the retailer more than once and had good experiences. Still, there are some things you should know about this retailer before you shop — to ensure you, too, are happy with your purchases.

8 things to know about Chicwish before you shop

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1. The clothing selection is massive

As noted, this store has lots of clothes. To quantify “lots,” I scrolled through 32 pages of tops with 64 options on each page. The other categories, which include dresses, bottoms, outerwear, loungewear, and accessories, look to be as plentiful, more or less.

Fortunately, you can narrow your choices by subcategory, color, and size. Subcategories for tops include long sleeve, short sleeve, tees, and sweaters. Bottoms are broken down into pants and different types of skirts.

Notably, Chicwish also has collections for plus-size and kids.

2. The prices are budget-friendly

Generally, you can buy an outfit on Chicwish for $125 or less if you snag a discount code. Many pieces are regularly priced between $30 and $70. Dresses and outerwear are at the higher end of that range.

You will want to look for sale pricing and discount codes to keep your spend down. Sale prices are noted in red below product images. And discount codes are usually displayed at the very top of the website.

3. Shipping times can be lengthy

My most recent Chicwish order included 10 pieces in total. I received the entire order in three separate shipments. The first showed up in five days and the second arrived in two weeks. The last package got to me after three and a half weeks. The tracking indicated an unexplained transport delay in the U.S.

In this age of two-day shipping, a nearly four-week delivery window can feel like a lifetime. But then, if you’re old enough to remember buying clothes out of paper catalogs, a month isn’t bad at all.

Keep this in mind as you shop Chicwish. Leave yourself enough time so you’re not waiting for clothes to arrive the same day you plan to wear them.

4. The images don’t always do the products justice

The images at Chicwish.com vary widely. Some feature the product by itself on a white background, while others show the clothes modeled as part of an outfit. Those images don’t consistently represent how nice the clothes are. What I’ve found is that when my pieces arrive, I’m pleasantly surprised by their fit and quality.

That could mean I’m a pessimist who doesn’t expect much, but I don’t think so. I encourage you to follow the links to each of the pieces I’m wearing below so you can judge for yourself.

5. Clothing quality has been reliable

I can’t speak for every garment Chicwish sells, but I’ve been happy with the great quality of my Chicwish orders. I did have one earring that fell apart and I lost a button from a skirt. Beyond those issues, I’ve found the clothes to be quite well-made.

I’ve not had the same experience with other overseas retailers. See the note at the bottom of my Romwe review for an example.

6. You must use the sizing charts

This is a strategy you should apply to any online clothing purchase: Use the sizing charts. Don’t assume you are always a small or always a large. Some pieces may suit you best in medium.

In my most recent order, I chose Chicwish pieces in sizes ranging from XS to S/M based on the sizing chart information. Everything fit as expected.

The sizing information seems to have improved over the last year, too, which is great news for shoppers. Better sizing data means fewer returns.

7. Chicwish has two return options

If you need to return something, you can request a store credit or a refund to your original form of payment. Opt for store credit and the return shipping is free plus you get a $5 bonus credit.

With Chicwish’s refund option, you pay return shipping of $5.90 to $20, depending on how many pieces you’re sending back.

8. Chicwish is getting more sustainable

Chicwish has been expanding its sustainable practices. The retailer is transitioning to organic for all its cotton sourcing, for example. Chicwish also uses biodegradable bags for packaging and recycles old knitwear to produce new yarns. Learn more at https://chicwish.com/sustainability.

How to shop Chicwish

These three shopping strategies will help deliver a good experience with Chicwish.

1. Make a list and budget

When shopping a store as large as Chicwish, it’s critical to have a list and budget. Without knowing what you need and how much you can spend, you can easily overspend — or get overwhelmed trying to prioritize all the cute pieces you found.

2. Open multiple windows

If you’re shopping for complete outfits, open multiple browser windows. This way, you can compare coordinating pieces side by side.

I used this strategy to construct all five outfits below and they all came together nicely in real life.

3. Allow for delivery times

I’ll say it one more time: Prepare for the worst when it comes to delivery times. Hopefully you’ll be pleasantly surprised when your order shows up within a week.

5 Chicwish outfits for $450

Now, for the fun stuff. Here’s a real-life look at pieces you can buy at Chicwish now and how they come together into stylish outfits. See my 2022 Chicwish review for more outfit inspiration.

1. Wide-legged jeans + sweater

Catherine Brock wearing Chicwish sweater and wide-legged jeans.

Chicwish outfit specs:

These Chicwish spliced waist straight leg jeans are lightweight and soft. They hang beautifully and pair magnificently with a textured sweater. The fold-over detail at the waist is a nice touch and negates the need for a belt. And I love the way they fit. 

And this top? Amazing. It’s very comfortable and I can wear it so many ways — tucked, untucked, with nearly any bottom. The boxy shape is so flattering, too.

2. A-line dress + shacket

chicwish 1

Chicwish outfit specs:

Even though the days are getting colder, I will find ways to wear this easy knit dress before spring. The textured stripes and gentle A-line skirt are eye-catching enough that you don’t need accessories.

The dress is sleeveless, so I added the faux leather shacket for warmth. As you might guess, the shacket also works beautifully over jeans and a t-shirt. I expect to wear this piece a lot in the coming weeks.

3. Slinky tank + wide-legged trousers

Catherine Brock wearing green cami and gray trousers for Chicwish reviews.

Chicwish outfit specs:

I know this tank isn’t weather-friendly in fall and winter, but I have a good reason for this pick. In a prior Chicwish order, I bought a dusty rose tank that looks very similar to this. And I wore that top all the time — on both dressed-up and dressed-down occasions. Unfortunately, I spilled BBQ sauce on it and wrecked it.

So this mint green piece was the replacement, and it does not disappoint. It’s as versatile as my other top, but I love it with these classy wide-legged, side-tie trousers.

4. Wrap skirt + textured knit top

Catherine Brock wearing maxi skirt and textured top as part of Chicwish review.

Chicwish outfit specs:

This wrap maxi has a resort vibe that’s perfect for walking a beach city or brunching on the patio. The pattern is striking enough that you don’t need any creativity to make an outfit. Simply add a solid colored top that coordinates and you’re good to go.

I chose this versatile textured black top that I can easily dress up or down as needed.

5. A-line skirt + sweater

Catherine Brock wearing Chicwish sweater and satin A-line skirt.

Chicwish outfit specs:

Here I paired a pretty teal sweater with a satin-like midi skirt for a fun, casual combo. I love the scalloped detail and wrap shape of the sweater. In my closet, this is an entirely unique piece.

Both pieces have lives well beyond this outfit, too. The sweater looks fabulous with ankle jeans, anchored with loafers. And the skirt is adorable teamed with a cropped white t-shirt. I’d also add a cropped denim jacket if it’s cold outside.

Conclusion: My honest Chicwish review

Chicwish does a nice job of balancing unique styles with affordable prices. And you know that’s a combo I love. Set aside some time to peruse this retailer’s amazing collection and you’re sure to find a few pieces you want.

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