Homemade Jasmine Aloe Perfume Body Spray

As we head into summer, I find myself paring down my routines in preparation for the lazy days ahead. I start to crave a lighter, more streamlined version of everything I love—whether it’s a simple meal prepared with bright, fresh produce, a more laid-back approach to entertaining or an unfussy beauty routine. I seek out things that will allow me more time to enjoy doing what I love—cue this Jasmine Aloe Perfume Body Spray recipe.

Jasmine Aloe Perfume Body Spray

When it comes to my beauty routine, the same methodology applies. Dark and sultry winter makeup gives way to a fresh face (a swipe of mascara, bb cream, and maybe a bit of lip tint), blow-outs turn into tousled, air-dried hair and fragrances lighten up. Come summer, my essential oil perfumes and oil-based fragrances start to seem heavy in the heat and I want something that feels weightless.

Jasmine Aloe Perfume Body Mist

Jasmine Perfume Body Spray Recipe

Inspired by the desire for a light summer fragrance, this perfume body spray is gently moisturizing, with an intoxicating scent. Like all things in summer should be, this recipe is super simple. To streamline ingredients and save you a step, we used a witch hazel infused with aloe vera.

Unlike other alcohol-based body mists, the witch hazel will lock in moisture without drying skin, while aloe vera provides hydration without any greasy residue. For a vanity-worthy twist, we filled the spray with dried flowers and large mica flakes, however you can opt out if you choose.


—3 oz witch hazel with aloe veral
—1 oz vegetable glycerin – You can opt to leave this out if you are worried about leaving any oily residue on your clothes.
—10-20 drops jasmine essential oil
—Dried flowers
—Flaked mica

The jasmine essential oil we used is pre-mixed with grapeseed oil, a carrier oil that does not have its own scent. It will not affect the smell of the jasmine. This is an essential oil with a strong scent that can cause headaches and skin irritation in some people. So we recommend starting with a small number of drops and adding more if needed. It’s easier to add than take away!

Jasmine Aloe Homemade Body Mist

Put any dried flowers and mica into a 4 oz spray bottle. Add witch hazel, glycerin and jasmine essential oil. Replace cap and swirl to combine. Then spritz this light, moisturizing body mist as needed to stay cool!

Jasmine Aloe Perfume Body Spray

A light, moisturizing body mist with an intoxicating scent.

Prep Time5 minutes

Total Time5 minutes

Course: Natural Beauty

Cuisine: DIY

Keyword: perfume

Yield: 4 oz

Author: Heidi’s Bridge

Cost: $10


  • Fill 4 oz spray bottle with dried flowers and mica, if using.

  • Add witch hazel and glycerin.

  • Add in jasmine essential – adjust if you’d like it stronger. Swirl to combine and spritz as needed.


For a vanity-worthy twist, we filled the spray with dried flowers and large mica flakes, however you can opt out if you choose.


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