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weekend link list cup of jo

weekend link list cup of jo

What are you up to this weekend? We’ll be finalizing our Halloween costumes — I’m going as an egg sandwich, but the boys are still deciding. My friend and I are also seeing Solo, a one-man play by comedian Gabe Mollica about male friendship. (The show’s also coming to Chicago in December, if anyone’s interested!) And this Kottke post, the United Stares of Guns, is also an essential read. Hope you have a safe weekend — squeeze your loved ones — and here are a few links from around the web…

Yummm, we just stocked up on the best Halloween candy.

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy is this season’s style muse. (NYTimes gift link)

Loving this incredibly soft tee to wear under sweaters, sweatshirts and shirts.

How beautiful is this family’s garden? “Every day, Reid said, he fills a huge bowl with its sweet, citrus-flavored fruit, passing them out to whoever will take them. Most of his neighbors are Spanish speakers, he said, but sharing his fruit and other food from his garden has helped break the ice.”

“It’s prestige movie season!!!” my friend Josh texted me this week. I’m excited to see Dream Scenario, Priscilla, and (needless to say) All of Us Strangers. How about you?

A beautiful bathmat, of all things.

A Bon Appetit staffer said this chicken noodle soup was possibly their favorite soup recipe on the whole site.

Feels good to bust out my boots for fall walks.

I couldn’t sleep last night so I listened to this podcast episode, and now I want to watch Atsuko Okatsuka’s comedy special.

Wise words.

Our sixth issue of Big Salad stars pop-culture writer Hunter Harris, who shares her airport strategy, a truly giant scarf, and the sexy movie scene that makes her blush. Plus, what to watch this fall.

Finally, thank you to everyone for helping raise $20,000 for humanitarian aid organizations in Israel and Gaza. Please continue to donate, if you are able. xo

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Katie B on what message do you repeat over and over to your kids?: “I realized this morning that one of the things I say almost every day to my very fair eight-year-old is ‘protect the freckles!’ It feels more fun that ‘put on your sunscreen!’ and usually gets a giggle. Here’s hoping it gives her a continued positive association with her cute lil freckles AND a commitment to wearing SPF!”

Says Lexie on what mother-daughter scenes do you love?: “My mother and I are very different and not close (though we love each other), and as someone who grew up inhaling Gilmore Girls, I found that seeing Lady Bird and her mother’s complicated relationship on screen touched something in me. I asked my mom to watch it. Afterward, she told me she cried and understood why I wanted her to. That was such a gift.”

Says Ellen on 8 spooky Halloween snacks: “That Toby giraffe post was the first one I read on CoJ I’m pretty sure. I came for hair tutorials and stayed for everything else. 10 years ago! It’s a daily ritual and joy to see what’s happening in this warm corner of the world. Thank you.”

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