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the bear Sydney

the bear Sydney

What are you up to this weekend? The boys are getting haircuts (“not too much please!” is their forever frantic direction) and we’re also celebrating Georgie’s birthday. Let me know if you know any slam-dunk toys for a two-year-old, haha. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Today on Big Salad we’re featuring culture writer Anne Helen Petersen, who talks about Taylor Swift gossip, Trader Joe’s finds, and her dreamy house on a rural island.

How delicious does this sour cream and onion Spanish tortilla look?

Ooooh, a winter garden.

Have you seen the Irish show SisterS? I’m really enjoying it.

J.Crew is having a rare sale on cashmere, including this beauty.

My friend Jason Kottke listed 22 wonderful things from 2023, including his antidepressants, the Bear’s second season, and the little hearts his daughter drew on her letters from camp. What would yours be?

I’ve been tearing through an old copy of The Remains of the Day, and it is SUCH an excellent book. Next I’d love to watch the movie.

Roast chicken salad, yum.

Street style photos of New Yorkers wearing coats. (NYTimes gift link)

Best advice, haha.

23 rarely seen photos from the Sound of Music. (via A.S.)

Paris hotels are always so gorgeous. I mean, what a bedroom!

This ribbed shirt would be lovely for dinner dates, trips, museum strolls, everything.

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Katie on welcome to the new year: “I just did the Coney Island Polar Plunge for the first time! The trick was to absolutely not think about it. Not on the subway there. Not on the beach. Not while I was taking off layers. Not even while I was running in! I went for the ‘don’t think, only do’ version, which gave me no time to chicken out.”

Says Mel on welcome to the new year: I recently did a ‘cold plunge’ and thought ‘I’m from Wisconsin, live in Minnesota and love the cold, so how hard can this be?’ Oh man. I was terribly wrong. It physically HURT. But now I’ve started doing cold showers. I read that you should slowly turn it cold, but I say rip off the bandaid, then get nutty. I shout-count 1 to 60 in an absurd sing-songy voice while doing lunges and squats. My little girls dance around the bathroom. It’s still horrible but afterward I feel like a million dollars.”

Says Rachel on lovely and giddy marriage proposal: “I was hanging on by a thread emotionally that whole story and then HIS DOG GIVES HIM A HIGH FIVE?! My whole heart.”

(Photo from The Bear/Hulu.)

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