Get Thinner Thighs! • The BEST Inner Outer Thigh Workout

The BEST workout to target those pesky inner and outer thighs! It’s time to finally tone that trouble spot for good!

As promised yesterday, today we are working an area we all LOVE to HATE! Those dreaded inner and outer thighs!

Of the hundreds of women I have trained over the last 10 years, just about ALL of them wanted to tone and tighten their thighs, and this workout is THE best at targeting those muscles to get sleek and sexy legs you can be proud of!

But remember, while you can spot TRAIN, you can not spot REDUCE…so it’s important to always make sure you’re keeping up with your cardio AND your nutrition! Which is why I developed your weekly workout schedules and the nutrition program — to take all the guess work out for you! 😉

Remember to check in after your workout in the community or on Instagram, and let me know how badly those legs burn after this little quicky workout!😘

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My Equipment:
Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat (in Chevron)

Top: Lululemon
Bottoms: Glyder Apparel (use discount code “livefitgirl” at check for 25% off your purchase!)

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Get Thinner Thighs Workout

  • Leg Lifts – Lay on your RIGHT side with your spine towards the back of your mat and your legs slightly in front of you. Keep your abs tight as you lift your top leg up about 12 inches or so, and then lower back down. Focus more on lengthening your leg, rather than lifting the leg really high. And keep those abs tight the whole time. After 10 leg lifts, pulse for 10!
  • Rainbows – After finishing those pulses go right into Rainbows. Flex the foot and internally rotate the leg to tap the toes in front of you, then draw a rainbow over your bottom foot and externally rotate the leg to tap the heel in back. Continue tapping the toes in front and heel in back for 10 repetitions.
  • Bicycles – Keep the leg lifted, and then draw the knee in towards the chest. Pretend you are riding a HUGE bicycle and “pedal” forward for 10 big circles, and then “pedal” backwards for 10.
  • Circles – Keep the leg parallel to the ground and really lengthen through that leg. Start to draw circles about the size of a dinner plate to the front. After drawing 10 circles to the front, repeat and draw 10 circles to the back.
  • Inner Thigh Lifts – Now it’s time for some inner thighs! Bend the top leg, and place the foot flat on the mat in front of you. Flex through the bottom leg, and then lift the leg about 6 inches or so off the mat, using the inner thighs. Complete 10 repetitions, and then stretch out the hips before completing everything on the other side!

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Happy Monday you beautiful ladies! ♥︎

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