Friday Treat French Connection Sale

[purchase/affiliate] So far, the sales have somewhat passed me by – I bought a jumpsuit from Hush for the summer (out of stock now) and some (also out of stock lounge cargos from Reiss) but then I went shopping with Genevieve and somehow my sale buys doubled in one day – and one purchase wasn’t even in the sale! I was definitely influenced :-).

French Connection Sale

I haven’t been to a French Connection for years but we stopped for a coffee off Oxford street that was attached to a French Connection store, so couldn’t help wandering through. There were some beautiful things (sparkly flares if you’re in the mood to shine) and I ended up with this easy wear blue sweater – great for dog walks and snuggling up in. It’s super soft (and not wool or cashmere) and I wish I’d been wearing it this morning as a buffer to the wind whipping round my poor, cold neck. All sizes (up to XL) are available and it’s £37 from £75 HERE. I’m wearing a medium because the sleeves were just too long on L and there is a pink available too but it’s quite a shouty shade.

Carat Earrings

My bigger indulgence is this pair of sparkling star ear-rings. Genevieve got a pair in silver and I got a pair in gold because they were just too gorgeous not to. They’ll be as good in summer as they are for any parties or occasions (although I rarely change my ear-rings once I have them in so they may will still be in my ears by summer!).

They’re by Carat London and are gold plated vermeil sterling silver and cubic zirconia. They’re £139 HERE. The silver pair is HERE.

I’ll post later  on what we are going to do about these ads – I know they’re causing problems which I had hoped we could iron out and I thank you so much for bearing with them while we tinker with settings, etc. If they’re too problematic, I’ll take them off altogether but after 14 years of ad free I need to find ways of keeping the site viable as I spend so much time on it. I’m not a complainer but what’s available to me in revenue terms is much less than it used to be (I keep this site free of ‘anti-ageing’ and the whole knocking you down as an older woman in order to sell you ‘better’ kind of thing which immediately sees me out of about 80% of sponsored content) and while I can’t overall complain at all about what I’ve earned over the years, it doesn’t make sense to run at a loss (I know you’d miss the oven gloves :-). There’s so much talk about blogs coming back (and I believe they are) and so much to be said of having complete editorial control free of algorithm fluctuations, but time in vs money out is not compatible. I’m speaking with Thom later about what further tinkering we can do to bring them under control but it’s not a very flexible system so I will keep you updated asap.


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