Free Gym Workout Plan for Youngsters and Beginners

Free gym workout plan – the gym is the ideal place or the preferable place for most youngsters and also people of other age groups to tone up their bodies. A proper gym is a perfect place where you will get all sorts of necessary machinery and equipment that you can use to train or enhance the different muscle groups of your body.

Without a proper workout plan or a good goal, you might get distracted and build a tendency to quit in the middle as the path isn’t very comfortable initially to walk on.

Now your purpose behind hitting the gym may vary based on different reasons. It can be your mindset, current physical state, needs, boundaries, comfort or confidence, and many more reasons.

Talking about free gym workout plan

Talking about free gym workout plans

Well, no specific workout plan applies to all as it varies from specific individual goals. A free gym workout plan that applies to you might not suit me. Now there are so many free workout plans available online, and you need to choose one of them that suits you the most.

Pick something that you can hold up to or be consistent with for a longer period rather than going intense eat the beginning.

Now in the case of fitness, the 3-4 month’s workout programs are most popular as this is the average time taken to see noticeable changes in your body, whatever state it may be in.

But the fact is that if you can be consistent enough simply in the first month, then you have already laid the foundation of your gym journey. Here we have formed a beginner’s guide on your average basis to start your free gym workout journey with basics for a month.

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A glance at the beginner’s free workout plan:

1st week: Full-body split

2nd week: 2 days split: Upper body and lower body

3rd week: 3 days split: Push, Pull, and Legs

4th week: Four-day split: Full body

Week 1 of hitting the free gym workout plan

Week 1 of hitting the free gym workout plan

You need to follow up with your plan by raining your whole body. You will be training all your major body parts in every workout.

  1. 3 days of training with hitting every major body part with 1 exercise for every muscle in every session should be your first week’s target.
  2. A rest day between your everyday free gym workout plan is necessary as it allows the torn-up muscles to recover. That is, if you work out on Monday, have to rest on Tuesday, and carry on hitting your free gym workout plan at least thrice a week.
  3. A list of moderate weight movements with every muscle group should be the target initially so that you gain proper balance and posture first.
  4. This week you will do 3 sets of all the free gym exercise workouts you have chosen. Like 3 sets of dumbbell curls for arms, 3 sets of leg presses for legs, and 3 sets for chest presses on each initial day. You may pick the workouts as you wish.
  5. And with rolling time, increase the set count to 9 sets for every body part. The reps per set should range around 8-12 per set. This rep count is suitable for you and can be applied for both noobies and pros.
  6. Try to increase the set count gradually, i.e. 8 reps on the first set, 10 on the second, and 12 on the last if you are doing 3 sets.

Week 2 of hitting the free gym workout plan

Week 2 of hitting the free gym workout plan

Now it’s time to train different body parts on different days with a two-day training split, i.e. you will need to train different body parts in a total of four days that is split between two

● Monday and Thursday – train your upper bodyparts

● Tuesday and Friday – train your lower bodyparts

and each body part needs to be trained twice. Let Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday be your recovery day. This week you will do most of the exercise from week 1 by adding one move to each body part (except your abs) to train different muscle groups from multiple angles. This week, try to increase your reps count for each set of exercises.

Week 3 of hitting the free gym workout plan

Week 3 of hitting the free gym workout

In the third week of the free gym workout plan, you will step it up to a three-day training split by adding one new exercise to each body part.

● Day 1: Train all your “pushing” body parts (Chest, triceps, Shoulder)

● Day 2: Train all your “pulling” body parts (biceps, backs) and abs.

● Day 3: Train your lower body parts (quad hamstrings, calves)

You will have to train each muscles group with two exercises of 3-4 sets each

● 4 sets for more significant body parts (chest, hamstring, backs, quads, shoulder)

● 3 sets for smaller body parts (calves, biceps, abs, triceps)

Overall for this week, you will train a total of 15 sets for more significant body parts and 12 sets for smaller body parts in the range of 8-15 reps.

Week 4 of hitting the free gym workout plan

Week 4 of hitting the free gym workout

For the final week of the free gym workout plan program, you will have to train in a four-way split for four days so that each body part is trained just once (except for your calves and abs, which are to be trained twice).

In four-way split training, you will need to train fewer body parts (generally 2-3) per workout, allowing you to train in higher volumes and give more attention to each muscle group. Gradually try to add more sets to individual exercises.

There is no need to learn new exercises for this week. Rather than learning new exercises, focus on intensity in your workout.

What are the 10 best exercises?

The ten best free gym workouts are as follows:

  1. Front Squat
  2. Bulgarian Split Squat
  3. Pull up
  4. Barbell Bench Press
  5. Farmer’s Walk
  6. Barbell Row
  7. Military Press
  8. Barbell Glute Bridge
  9. Dip

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