Former Dolphin Floyd Raglin Keeps Supercharged With Supercars

If you were to sit down for dinner with the retired NFL player, Floyd Raglin, you would be drawn to his charisma and tales of a football career that reached the dizzying heights of playing for the Miami Dolphins. Still, to stop there would only be scratching the surface of the life and times of a true entrepreneur. Raglin, or “Rag” as his friends know him, uses his passion for supercars to bring joy to both his fellow athletes and the wider community. Eager to find out more, M&F sat down with the man himself to find out how Rag transitioned from the football field to striking deals for household names like Dennis Rodman, and why supercars can be the perfect machines for improving mental and physical health.

Floyd Raglin with Dennis Rodman
Floyd Raglin

While the fact that Floyd Raglin played two games in the NFL strike year of 1987 as a replacement for the Miami Dolphins would make for a great movie, it’s what he did after he wound up that storied pro football career that keeps us enthralled. In the late ‘80s, the star was working on the football-themed HBO sitcom, “1st & Ten” while negotiating with the Dolphins to stay on, but opted not to pursue a contract when Rag figured out that he could earn good money in television, without putting his body through the ringer. “At that time in my career, that seemed like a better path,” he says. “1ST & Ten” had professional football players on the show actually—Lawrence Taylor, OJ Simpson, Jerry Rice. I mean, a lot of guys were on the show and so on the lunch breaks they had trainers come out there and train us, so we would train out there while we were filming. We always kept up with our training.”

After calling it a day with the NFL, Rag’s energy, hard work, and discipline was no longer put to use on the field, but he was soon regarded as a team player on the show, and was entrusted with the casting on “1st & Ten.” Rag’s ability to run with any opportunity that came his way didn’t end there, however. “I like to grow, and evaluate,” says Rag. “And, I’m never to smart to listen to somebody.”

Floyd Raglin is able to build constructive connections through supercars

Now in his 60s, this man from Alton, IL, is still firing on all cylinders both mentally and physically. “At the weekend, I still like to go out there and put my cleats on and run,” he says, now living in the sunnier climates of Florida. The former player works out every day, and loves to get his sweat on my completing a full body resistance band workout while taking a sauna at the same time. His ability to transition from professional athlete to professional business man, and stay stable well into his retirement from football is one of the reasons that he was named vice president of The National Football League Players Association, a union that allows players to stand together to protect their health, rights, and families. Floyd Raglin has found that supercars get the attention of athletes young and old. On one hand, he shows the up-and-coming players would could be theirs if they keep working hard, and on the other hand, he is able to reunite footballing legends who can get together, chat, and spend quality time with some epic engines.

Dania Pointe Car Show in Florida
Rockwilder Visuals

Looking after the interests of those around him has always been of mutual benefit to Rag. From setting up appearance deals for longtime friends and clients like Dennis Rodman, to helping out fledgling local car dealerships, it seems that when you need something doing well; Rag’s your man. After spending some time with the marketing supremo, you get the feeling that he loves the buzz of making connections more than the money that he generates, and this is illustrated by the relationships that he has forged between man and machine when it comes to his love of supercars. The idea to meet the needs of car lovers and create a space to exhibit and appreciate special automobiles first came about as a way to advertise the services of a new Lamborghini showroom in Palm Beach. The concept worked wonders, and has grown to the point that Floyd Raglin now hosts monthly car meets, in addition to a huge annual extravaganza. “Supercars Saturdays Florida” revs into gear monthly at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, FL, while the annual “Exotics at Dania Pointe” show (2023) takes place on November 12 at Dania Pointe Shopping Center in Dania Beach, Florida.

Sure, these beautiful machines are often dismissed as shallow and materialistic, but there’s a side to our relationship with prestige cars that Rag has shown can be harnessed as a force for positive impact. “I’m all about fitness,” says Rag, who is always looking for new ways to encourage a positive mindset in the younger players that he meets through his work with the NFLPA. “I try to tell my guys that you can have nice cars and big houses, but if you don’t have your health, none of that means anything.” To make his point, Rag came up with another winner of an idea in order to encourage these younger athletes to stay in shape, look after their nutrition, and get regular blood work done. “We drove up there with 30 supercars, drove up to this gym, and went through the whole process of explaining what it takes to be an athlete,” explained the inspirational showman. Rag is able to demonstrate through virtue of his own successes that if athletes keep their head on straight and don’t succumb to negative influences, then prize cars like Bugatti’s, Ferrari’s Lamborghini’s and the like could be theirs for the taking. Fortunately, it’s not just blinged up athletes that get to enjoy the beautiful automobiles that are on his shows. “When I was growing up, my uncle used to work for JMC,” says Rag. “I used to watch him build cars out in the backyard and he used to take me to the drag races every week and so from a little kid, I’ve always been infatuated with cars.”

Appreciating the wholesome fun that can be had at his massive car shows, Floyd Raglin says that he only allows exhibitors to come to his events if they are willing to let kids get the full experience and climb inside the car. “People always say, ‘when are you going to retire,’” says Rag. “Why would I retire when I’m having so much fun!?”

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