Food52’s 2023 Holiday Swap Is Here—Sign Up Now

The Food52 Holiday Swap—our beloved gift exchange for food lovers—is back in partnership with our friends at Shipt. They can deliver everything you need for the Swap to your door, same-day.

The Food52 community is one of the most generous pockets of the internet. You see this kindness every day on our Hotline, where you can ask any cooking question and receive an answer from an expert in our community. It’s apparent in the comments of our recipes, where home cooks share their substitutions and tweaks. But it’s around the holidays that our community’s generous spirit really shines, during Food52’s Holiday Swap. This gift exchange for food lovers has been a beloved Food52 tradition since 2011—and now, after a one-year hiatus, I’m excited to announce that the Holiday Swap is back!

Let me back up a minute for those who have never participated. The Food52 Holiday Swap is a delicious gift exchange that we help facilitate. You sign up to send a small, food-filled gift to a fellow Food52er, we match you with a community member who agrees to do the same, and then you mail each other a box of goodies. Homemade cookies, preserves, tasty souvenirs from your travels or the farmers’ market are all fair game—we just ask that your gift be unique and thoughtful (and within the $25 range). Originally organized by community member enbe, who came up with this brilliant idea, the Swap this year will be managed by myself in partnership with our Contributing Editor, Nicole. As a longtime Food52er, I organized a small exchange of my own among community members last year and am excited to take the reins this year.

There are some slight differences in the way this year’s Holiday Swap will run, which I’ll detail below. But at its core, the premise remains the same: to connect with others around our shared love of food, invite a little surprise into our lives, and hopefully spark new friendships.

We can’t wait to see what this year’s Swap will bring (be sure to post your gift wrapping and making with the hashtag #food52holidayswap). Read on for how to join.

Food52ers around the world are invited to join. We have two sign up forms below—one for U.S. participants and one for international Swappers. Note, you’ll need to create a Food52 account first if you don’t have one. Just click the portrait icon at the top right of our site to create one, then copy and paste the link (like this one) into the sign up form.

Note, though, that if you are international and sign up, you’re committing to send your gift to someone in your home country or elsewhere in the world.

Sign up for the Swap by Nov. 17. You’ll receive your Secret Swapper’s information by Nov. 27.

By signing up for this swap, you are promising to send a gift. You’ll also be notifying your Swap partner when your gift is in the mail (no later than Dec. 11).

What gift should I give? We encourage you to spend or make a gift equal in value to $25—not including the shipping costs. These could include homemade cookies, jams, nuts, candies, or unique treats you purchase and that can be easily mailed. (Here are some ideas.) When you sign up, you’ll be able to note any allergies or restrictions, so your Swap partner will know what not to send. Just imagine what you would like to receive and send that to your Swap partner.

Drop your package in the mail before or by Monday, Dec. 11 and send an email to your Swapper when you do. We hope everyone who signs up follows through with their promise to send a gift. Based upon past Holiday Swaps, most do. But if you do not receive a gift, be patient (you may just receive your gift later than you anticipated) and compassionate (we’re all human and not everything in life goes according to plan).

Get a package in the mail from your Secret Swapper and open with glee! Take pictures before you dig in and share them on Instagram or TikTok with the tag #f52holidayswap.

Thank your Swapper by email. (We can’t say enough how essential this step is, so try not to forget, please!)

What happened to the charitable aspect? In years’ past we had a charity component to the Holiday Swap. We plan to coordinate charitable donations for another special holiday event this season, so stay tuned!

How did the Holiday Swap begin? In 2011, F52er Noëlle (aka, enbe) suggested a simple, food-centered gift exchange on our Hotline. Our community jumped at the chance and a tradition was born. She then facilitated the swap year after year—no small endeavor for one person. In 2018 alone, she made sure 1,107 people from 15 countries around the globe took part in the fun. (It was such a feat, The New York Times covered it!) We’re looking forward to carrying the torch—and hearing about all your sweet gifts.

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Excited for the return of the Swap? Have questions on how it works? Tell us below!

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