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Aerial Yoga Tips

Ladies, I have been DYING to try Aerial Yoga, literally, for ever!! Last night I FINALLY was able to try it!

My friend Katie and I signed up for “Ladies Night Out” at our local yoga studio, Minneapolis Yoga Center. We usually go together on Saturday mornings, and then head to our favorite spot for breakfast, Moose & Sadie’s.

So when we saw they were having a special girls night with Aerial Yoga we immediately signed up!

We started the night with about 15 minutes of meditation, then went to an hour long aerial class. It was much different than what I thought! I thought the entire class was in the silks, but you actually work on the floor quite a bit too, and use the silks to help you get deeper into stretches. I was not expecting savasana to be in the silks, but it feels so cool, to float wile you meditate after class!

I am seriously HOOKED…I just went to another class this morning! It stretches my muscles, especially my back, in a way that I can’t usually get into with regular yoga. The gravity helps to really lengthen your muscles and get deeper into each pose. The best part is hanging upside down (especially in the post above) and allowing your spine to really decompress…if you work at a desk all day, it feel amazing! 😉

After our aerial class we then went to an hour long restorative yoga class that used essential oils to help you relax. We went through cedarwood, bergamot, stress release, and lavender during class. Each one has different benefits to help calm you mind. Restorative yoga on a Friday night is actually so great because it’s a fantastic way to chill out after and intense week. At the end of the class the instructor gave us the choice of lemon or peppermint essential oils to wake us up a little bit.

The last part of Ladies Night was actually 30 minutes of yoga chanting, or Kritan. I wasn’t sure how I was going to like it, but Katie and I both really enjoyed it. The instructor leading the session seriously had the most amazing voice (I swear, it sounded like we were in a yoga CD). The chanting was actually very relaxing as well as energizing at the same time. It’s hard to explain but I will definitely try is again!

Aerial Yoga Tips

Tips for your First Aerial Yoga Class:

  • Make sure to hydrate BEFORE class. Drink 2-3 glasses of water about 2 hours before class. Try not to drink anything 30 minutes before class. (You don’t want to be the one taking a potty break in the middle of class!)
  • Wear a tight fitting top that covers your armpits. Long sleeves are good to make sure the silks don’t rub or chafe your under arms.
  • Wear capri-length or full-length leggings. For the same reason as above, the silks will rub behind your knees and can sometimes cause discomfort. DON’T wear baggy clothing, or short shorts. The silks may run and pull at your clothes, so you definitely don’t want to show your world in short booty shorts! 😉
  • Make sure to take of any jewelry, belts, or clothing with zippers, gems, or anything that could potentially snag the fabric. You instructor won’t be very happy with you!
  • Do not use hand lotion or sunscreen before class, It could stain the silks and will make it farder to grip them.
  • You will still need a yoga mat. Some of the poses use the silks as well as the mat (like the pose above), and you will be barefoot during class, so don’t worry about bringing sneakers.
  • Try not to eat 2-3 hours before aerial yoga. Turning upside down will not make your stomach happy if you just ate!

Have you ever tried aerial yoga? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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