Fall Update with Clean by Sephora

It’s time to share some of my recent beauty finds again! I’ve been making a point recently of trying out some of the brands on the Clean by Sephora list, as readers ask about them pretty frequently. I’ve only tried a few things so far, but they were all winners! I’m on the lookout for some great lip balms and a hand cream next, so if you have a Clean by Sephora recommendation please share the details with me.

As usual, when I purchased these items I checked out the Beauty Insider Program‘s Reward Bazaar. I feel like the selection is getting bigger and better! I’ve recently picked up a few travel sized shampoo/conditioner duos (Alterna and Pureology) and some silky hair ties. I also picked up a deluxe sample of the Youth to the People Kale Cleanser, it was from a code Sephora emailed me! I am a sucker for amazing products in small sizes, so I love using my Sephora points to grab new items for travel! If you haven’t joined yet, the program is free and gives you benefits like early access to products and the Sephora Savings Events.

EADEM Dew Dream- Hydrating Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm

I’m forever on the lookout for newer, faster ways to get my makeup off at night. I’m a huge fan of double cleansing, give me a tub of cleansing balm and I’m a happy girl! But sometimes I honestly just don’t want to be dipping into a big tub. Something about a tube feels faster and simpler?

Dew Dream is a bit different from other cleansing balms. It’s a thick liquid balm that you squeeze onto your fingers to warm it up until it becomes more watery/oily. Then you massage it onto your dry face with fingertips. If you add a little water at that point it becomes a bit milky. I love to really massage it into my skin everywhere at that point, paying extra attention to my eye area. It all washes off completely with water. You can choose if you want to use a second cleanser. Dew Dream rinses off so easily that you don’t really need one. It also has a great floral scent.


Saie Glossybounce™ High-Shine Hydrating Lip Gloss Oil
I’ve been on a big “try all the lippies” kick, especially if the lippie in question is hydrating and is easy to swipe on while I’m on the go. This new Lip Gloss Oil from Saie is really interesting. It’s a gloss, it’s a lip oil… it’s kind of both? It doesn’t feel like a traditional lip gloss, it feels like I’ve applied a lip treatment. What I really loved was how long this feeling lasts. I apply it in the morning, sip on coffee for a few hours, and at lunch time my lips still feel hydrated and protected.

I have Dip, which is a great neutral pink tone, just a little darker than my skin tone. I’ll probably pick up Play with my next Sephora order, which is a slightly brighter pink.

Gisou Honey Infused Hair Repair Serum

By now we’re all used to hair oils. Yes, it’s an oil. You put it on your hair and it makes is smoother, shinier, silkier… but you can also overdo it easily. And many of the products are full of silicones, which adds build up to your hair. This serum performs those same functions, but instead of being an oil, it’s a water based serum, with little beads of encapsulated honey and other ingredients. When I apply it to my hair it actually feels a little wet, but it spreads easily, absorbs quickly, and I don’t think you can actually overdo it and make your hair look greasy.

I’ve been using this on both damp hair and dry hair (though damp is what the directions say) and I’ve found that it works really well! I love how shiny it makes my hair.

Above, a before and after on dry hair. Yes, it works even better when applied to damp hair!  I’m also wearing the Saie Lip Oil here.

Have you made any changes for fall? What are your favorite Clean by Sephora products?

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Sponsored Post: This post is a collaboration with Sephora, but all product picks and opinions are my own.

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