Evident Vascular launches with $35M for AI-enabled intravascular ultrasound

Evident Vascular, a company creating AI-enabled intravascular ultrasound technology, announced its launch today with $35 million in Series A financing. 

Vensana Capital led the round.


The California-based company devised AI-enabled transcatheter intravascular ultrasound technology that captures images inside a patient’s blood vessels to evaluate vascular disease and enhance image interpretation. 

“While there have been significant advances in the options to treat peripheral vascular disease, the diagnostic tools needed to accurately and appropriately guide delivery of these therapies have lagged. We see a tremendous opportunity to create a next-generation IVUS platform that addresses the needs of vascular interventionalists, and we are excited to be partnering with an outstanding team to launch Evident Vascular,” Cynthia Yee, principal at Vensana Capital, said in a statement. 


Intravascular ultrasound is an imaging modality used in interventional cardiology that allows 360-degree images to be taken from inside a patient’s artery. Its goal is to provide a more thorough view of a blood vessel than angiography, which uses X-rays to provide two-dimensional views from outside the blood vessel.

Evident said in a statement that its technology is initially designed to focus on peripheral vascular interventions, but in the future it intends to expand its capabilities to include coronary procedures.

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