Emma Stone Just Gave Us Our Second High-Profile Flippy Lob of 2024 — See Photos

We’re pretty good at foreseeing the next year’s beauty trends a month or two before the ball drops, if we do say so ourselves. One of our favorite predictions for 2024: the ‘90s lob. But even we missed a not-so-minor detail about the way celebrities would apparently be wearing this shoulder-skimming style. In less than a week, Christina Aguilera and now Emma Stone have shown us that this year’s lob isn’t truly complete without flipped-out ends.

Stone was one of a cavalcade of stars who attended the Palm Springs International Film Festival award ceremony, where she received a Desert Palm Achievement Award recognizing her accomplishments in film. The star wore black, satin pajama-esque pants, a white satin blouse, and a black, satin necktie topped off with a glistening, floor-length robe. And her hair might have covered more of the sparkling Louis Vuitton lapel had it not been for the fun way her ends were styled.

The Poor Things star, who recently went from platinum blonde back to her signature red hair, wore that hair super-sleek with a not-so-deep side part. She tucked it behind her ears, adding to the clean, smooth look, which was almost perfectly straight until the last couple of inches. That’s when her stylist turned the flatiron to give it a flipped-out, flipped-up look.

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