Easy To Make Appetizers For Your Thanksgiving Celebration

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Simple to prepare, tasty appetizers are a must for any Thanksgiving Feast! These amazing Appetizers For Thanksgiving range from make-ahead recipes to dishes prepared in 15 minutes or less. With so many standout dishes, you will surely find a new favorite, whether hosting Friendsgiving or a family gathering.

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Appetizers are a terrific tool for the host, since you can make the recipes you choose work for you. If your main dish requires lots of attention, then a Crock Pot appetizer is an excellent idea since you can set it and forget it. Not only that, if you want to spend lots of time with family on Thanksgiving Day, you can choose make-ahead dishes that are ready to serve at a moment’s notice.

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The recipes in this collection are all simple to follow, incredibly flavorful, and all-around crowd-pleasers. As a bonus, some fantastic cocktail recipes are easy to make and highlight the seasonal flavors we all know and love. With so many delicious recipes, everyone can find something they’ll love!

Easy To Make Starters

Delicious Dip

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Finger Foods and Small Bites

How Much Food Should I Make?

The amount of food you prepare will depend entirely on how many people you’re hosting. These are the general guidelines I use when cooking for a crowd. That being said, if you know that everyone wants a second serving of an appetizer, you can adjust the portions.


  • I recommend making 2 servings per person.


  • You’ll want to make about 3 ounces of dip per person.

Small Bites

  • 3-5 bite-sized portions per person is generally enough.


  • I recommend making two drink servings per person, about 10-12 ounces.

Delicious Drink Recipes

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