Easy Air Fryer Turkey Thighs Recipe

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Hey, I’m Jenna Passaro.

I develop easy recipes that can transform your kitchen into a restaurant – and you into a true home chef.


Where to start?

Learn the secrets to smoking tasty Traeger recipes and making pizza at home. And cook amazing tri tip steak dinners.

Or, fall in love with something new to cook with your air fryer, pellet smoker, BBQ grill, sous vide cooker, and more…

You’ll notice, I kind of geek out over new cooking trends and tools!

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My story. Growing up, I didn’t learn to cook.

(I was actually banned from cooking for years)

And then in my 20’s I didn’t have to cook because my job as an event planner involved a lot of travel and it was easier to eat out. At the time, I was 100% positive that restaurant food would always taste better than cooking at home, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Until I fell in love with a chef. He would come over and cook me delicious meals right in my own kitchen. My mind was blown.

Since then, I’ve been on a mission to figure out easy ways to make restaurant style food at home and share it here on Sip Bite Go.

Love to eat out and travel? I can totally relate. See my guide on where to eat in Portland, OR.

jenna passaro the home chef's sous vide cookbook

Never in a million years did I imagine I’d ditch the 9-5 lifestyle in my late 20’s, move across the country on a whim, start a new life, start a food blog, and write a book.

But here I am!

See my book on Amazon: The Home Chef’s Sous Vide Cookbook.



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