Dr Federica Amati – Nutrition For Life

This episode has the potential to change your health and I don’t say that lightly.

My guest is Dr Federica Amati, an eminent medical scientist and public health nutritionist whose advice is backed by science and years of research and experience.

During our chat we discuss how by making changes to our diets and attitudes to food we have the potential to stave off a wide range of diseases and live longer, healthier lives. Federica gives really simple advice and her tips are affordable and so easy to incorporate.

Our chat goes further though with a discussion about Federica’s frustration at the government’s reticence to make healthy food part of their agenda, the huge profits that companies are making from fast food and the impact that living in poverty has on diet (the healthier foods should be far far more affordable). We also chat about the money that large coorporations are paying dieticians in the USA to push drinks containg aspartame. (It’s truly shocking!)

Finally we have a chat about Federica’s amazing book that comes out on 5th October. It’s called Recipes For A Better Menopause and is brimming with excellent, science backed information about HRT, exercise and a plethora of wonderful recipes. You can pre-order it here

Also this is the link to the Association For Nutrition

This really is the most fascinating and important episode and I hope that you get lots out of it.

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