Do You Agree With The Joke Voted Funniest at This Years Edinburgh Fringe Festival?

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is known as one of the greatest celebrations of arts and culture on the planet. It takes place every August in Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city. It is a crucible for all forms of creativity and expression, with 3,535 shows registered across 248 venues, including The Dave’s Funniest Joke of the Fringe contest.

Read on to hear the jokes and see if you agree with this year’s winner. If you think you have a better joke, leave it in the comments. We’d love to hear it!

Number 10

Portrait of African American vampire with hood over head with strong directional light
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This one is for everybody who loves teen angst and vampire angst.,,

My grandma describes herself as being in her “twilight years,” which I love because they’re great films – Daniel Foxx.

Number 9

Nationwide Insurance logo on cell phone
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With our Columbus connections, you know we’re Nationwide fans, but…

Nationwide must have looked pretty silly when they opened their first branch – William Stone.

Number 8

Tough female gang member winning arm wrestling match
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Don’t give up on this joke. It grows on you the more you think about it…

I entered the ‘How not to surrender’ competition, and I won hands down – Bennett Arron.

Number 7

Costa Coffee Paper Cup with pack of Original Costa Coffee with beans on wood.
Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

This is a regional joke, as there are 2,467 Costa Coffee stores in the UK and only 4 in the US…

My friend got locked in a coffee place overnight. Now he only ever goes into Starbucks, not the rivals. He’s Costa-phobic – Roger Swift.

Number 6

Handshake Greeting
Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

I love the punchline, but does it really match the buildup?…

How do coeliac Germans greet each other? Gluten tag – Frank Lavender.

Number 5

Titanic rendition
Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

I bet this joke went over like a Lead Zepplin…

I thought I’d start off with a joke about The Titanic – just to break the ice – Masai Graham.

Number 4

Two happy radio presenters having a good time on air. Young men smiling happily while recording an audio broadcast in a studio. Cheerful content creators co-hosting an internet podcast.
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This one is funny and true!….

When women gossip, we get called bitchy; but when men do, it’s called a podcast – Sikisa.

Number 3

Inflation imagery
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However, the next one is funny and apropos…

Last year I had a great joke about inflation. But it’s hardly worth it now – Amos Gill.

Number 2

Woman holding cup of aromatic tea with milk at table
Photo Credit: Deposit Photos.

The penultimate joke was provided by last year’s winner…

The most British thing I’ve ever heard? A lady who said, ‘Well, I’m sorry, but I don’t apologise.’ – Liz Guterbock.

Number 1

Sydney, Australia-25 Nov 2011: Tourists are looking at the cute baby koala bear in the zoo at Sydney, Australia.
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This year’s funniest joke was delivered by a professional zoo keeper, which makes it even better…

I started dating a zookeeper, but it turned out he was a cheetah – Lorna Rose Treen.

Somehow, this reminds me of Jenn’s favorite jokes’ punchline: “Why ma’am, I am a Koaola Bear – a bear that eats bushes and leaves”. If you know, you know!

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