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Greetings, my delightful darklings, it’s your ghoulish guide, Drey, beckoning you back for the grand finale of the Steamy Haunted series.

We’ve had quite the ride, haven’t we? We spiced things up with tantalizing and spooky season dishes from all around the world, sprinkled a bit of eerie elegance with Halloween table decor ideas, and brought a chill (and thrill!) to the table with some delightfully spooky Halloween appetizers. Now, as the crisp autumn air nips at our noses, I’m bringing you back to the hearth and heart of the home for a bit of kitchen witching fun. I’m so ready to roll up my sleeves with you and dive into crafting and DIY decor for the fall season. Let’s forage our backyards, neighborhoods, or local grocery stores together and add a sprinkle of autumn magic to our homes. Light and easy, but with all the cozy, warm vibes of the season. Ready to get crafting with me? Let’s do this!

Join us as Drey takes over part of Steamy Kitchen for the Month of October with some delightfully spooky content!

Ready to dive into our first crafty delight? But wait! Hit play on my favorite go-to spooky playlist (right here) to set the perfect crafting mood. Let those spooky tunes bubble in the background as we dive into the leafy wonders for our fall table decor. Remember, kitchen witching is not just for looks – it’s about filling your space with the best autumn vibes using nature’s own goodies. So, are you ready to bring some fun, fall energy into your home? Let’s leaf it up! 🍁


🍂 Foraging Fall Leaves for Table Decor 🍂

 Embrace the breathtaking palette of fall by collecting and utilizing vibrant leaves to adorn your tablescape.

Grab your cutest pair of boots and a cozy scarf, witches! It’s time to head outdoors on a quest for the most gorgeous fall leaves. Whether it’s a walk through your neighborhood or a frolic through the forest, look for a variety of colors and shapes to bring a diverse natural allure to your table.

Found your leafy treasures? Perfect, but hold on! Before these beauties grace your table, let’s ensure they are squeaky clean.

Cleansing Your Leafy Loot

Fill your sink or a large basin with water and add a splash of white vinegar. Gently swirl the leaves in this natural concoction. The vinegar will help to eliminate any lingering bugs or dirt, leaving your leaves fresh and clean. Lay them out on a towel to dry completely, or if you’re in a hurry, pat them gently with a towel. For an extra layer of cleanliness, let them bask under the sun’s gentle rays for a day, which also reinvigorates their vibrant hues.

Now, with your cleansed and vibrant leaves at the ready, conjure up a layout that whispers the ancient stories of trees and the playful dance of the wind. Imagine each leaf as a little charm of happiness and autumn’s blessing, casting warm and cheerful spells on everyone seated around your table.


Citrus Garlands

Dehydrated orange slices strung into a garland bring a burst of color and a whisper of sweet citrus scent to your autumn décor.

Slice. Squeeze. Dry.

Begin by choosing your favorite citrus fruits. (Think sunny oranges, zesty lemons, and lively limes.) Slice ’em up nice and thin. Now, here comes the juicy part: lay each slice on a towel or paper towel and gently press to soak up the extra juice. 

Got those slices all set? It’s drying time! If you’re using an oven, spread your slices out on a baking sheet and set it to the lowest setting (about 200°F or 93°C). Let them do their thing for 2-3 hours and prepare for your kitchen to smell like a citrus wonderland. (Make sure to check on them every 20 minutes or so. They can burn FAST!) Have a dehydrator? Even better! Just lay out those slices and let the magic unfold.

Let’s Get Stringing

Once your citrus slices have transformed into beautiful dried accents, it’s time to bring the garland to life! Grab some sturdy thread and a needle, and string together your colorful, fragrant circles of sunshine. Drape your garland wherever your space needs a little autumn cheer or simply add those dried slices to a bowl with some cinnamon sticks for a great centerpiece. This is such an easy, exciting, and oh-so-fragrant way to brighten up your fall decor.🍊✨


Fall Stovetop Potpourri

A simmering potpourri not only augments the ambiance but also fills your home with the quintessential aromas of fall.

Alright lovelies, let’s talk stovetop potpourri, the understated art of summoning fall’s most intoxicating aromas. This is less wand-waving, more practical magic, a blend of nature’s best coming together to fill your space with autumn’s warm embrace. No tricks here, just a straightforward path to a scented sanctuary, with a wink of playful witchery for good measure.

Step 1: Gather Your Potions & Herbs

Launch your quest by gathering your desired elements:

  • Cinnamon Sticks: Beyond their enchanting aroma, cinnamon is known for its antibacterial properties and ability to ease respiratory ailments. It’s like a warm hug for your lungs!
  • Orange Peels: The scent of orange can uplift your spirit, driving away any lurking shadows of stress or anxiety. Plus, they add a burst of brightness to the potpourri mix.
  • Apple Peels: Apple peels unleash a gentle, comforting fragrance, a whispered tale of orchard frolics and tree-climbing adventures.
  • Cloves: Cloves offer a hint of sweetness and spice. They’re packed with antioxidants and their scent can make the air feel cleaner and more refreshing.
  • Star Anise: This star-shaped spice releases a soothing scent, gently nudging away fatigue and bringing forth a calm energy.

Step 2: Unleash the Magic

Fill your pit (or cauldron!) with water, let it kiss the flames of your stovetop. Drop in your offerings and stir with love. As the water simmers, it will unfurl the fragrances, letting them waltz freely throughout your space. Allow the simmering blend to send whispers of autumn throughout your abode. It’s a subtle, soft dance of scents that paint a portrait of fall within your walls.

Step 3: Let the Fragrance Dance

Let the brew whisper across the realms, seeping into every corner of your haven. As the aromatic tales unfold, feel the hug of ancient trees, the kiss of the autumn sun, and the dance of starlit nights.

Step 4: Embrace the Autumnal Alchemy

Bathe in the warm glow of autumnal scents as they wrap your space in a tender embrace. This is the simple art of natural allure and comfort, a gentle nudge to the senses, reminding us of the earth’s enduring embrace.

And voila! There you stand, amidst the magical mists and the tales spun by nature’s embrace, in the cozy comfort of your own enchanted realm. Enjoy the dance of fragrances, dear one, as you brew and bask in your very own fall stovetop potpourri magic. 🍂✨


Apple Tealight Holders

An apple tealight holder seamlessly blends the fruitfulness and allure of the season, providing a gentle and warm glow that will elevate the coziness of your space.

Now onto one of my favorite leaf-crunch season projects: the apple tealight holder. Imagine your home aglow with the soft, flickering light filtering through ruby red apples. It’s a scene straight from an autumn tale, where magic hums in the cool breeze and every corner whispers secrets of the ancient earth.

Here’s the Spell:

Step 1: Choose Thy Apples
Opt for robust and hearty apples, the ones that stand firm and tall, a beacon of the harvest bounty. The larger, the better – they’ll cradle the tealights like a precious gem in a velvet box.

Step 2: Craft the Holders
With a spoon or a melon baller, gently carve out the top of the apple, creating a cozy nook for your tealights. Be careful, gentle souls! We’re creating a vessel of light, not a fruit salad. Preserve the integrity of the apple as you go about this delicate operation.

Step 3: Secure the Light
Nestle the tealight into the apple’s embrace. If the fit is loose, a toothpick or two can provide extra support, ensuring your source of light stands unwavering in its fruity throne.

Step 4: Set the Scene
Arrange these luminous orbs on your table, windowsill, or anywhere yearning for a touch of autumn enchantment. As the candle burns, the apple’s flesh will warm, releasing a subtle, sweet fragrance, mingling with the crisp air, and adding an extra layer of cozy to your abode.

There you go. A simple, yet bewitching project to bring the radiant allure of fall right into your home. Remember, it’s all in the tiny details – a bit of light, a whisper of scent, and a whole lot of autumn love. 🍎🕯️


Dried Herb & Flower Racks

A handcrafted rack made from foraged sticks or branches, adorned with dried herbs or flowers, not only offers a rustic charm to your décor but also a hint of fragrance that gently whispers the earthy tales of autumn.

Here’s my own dried herb rack, created with an assortment of store-bought wheat and sorgum bundles. The stick and oleander branch were sourced right in my own backyard!

Now let’s traverse the path of ancient knowledge with a craft that’s as practical as it is enchanting – making dried herb or flower racks. Imagine a rustic stick, cradling bunches of fragrant herbs or delicate dried flowers, suspended in your kitchen or living space, whispering tales of the wild and infusing your home with earthly gems.

Embark on the Foraging Quest:

Step 1: Seek the Perfect Stick
Embark on a quest in your backyard or neighborhood to seek the perfect stick, sturdy and straight, to hold your treasured botanicals. Embrace the caress of the chilly autumn breeze, and listen to the murmurs of the fallen leaves as you claim a piece of the wilderness to grace your home.

Step 2: Gather Thy Botanicals
As you roam, keep your eyes peeled for herbs, flowers, or other plant parts that call out to your soul, like fragrant rosemary, delicate lavender, and vibrant wildflowers. If the wild doesn’t yield what you seek, your local grocery store, with bundles of dyed or undyed sorghum, millet, or wheat, is a treasure trove waiting to be explored.

Step 3: Assemble the Rack
Back in your cozy coven, lay the stick horizontally, and tie your gathered botanicals with a twine, hanging them upside down from the stick. Feel the joy of creation as you craft harmony and beauty in every knot and loop.

Step 4: Find the Ideal Spot
Suspend your assembled rack in a spot where it’s not just seen but felt. Let it be a living artwork, a conversation starter, a daily reminder of nature’s bounty and beauty.

In this humble craft, you’re not just creating a decorative piece. As you craft this rustic relic, know you’re threading tales, memories, and a dash of delightful drama into the saga of your space.🌿🌸

We’ve gathered leaves, crafted garlands, and illuminated our spaces with the gentle glow of apple tealights. It’s the little things, the whispers of old tales in the wind and the warmth of a spiced potpourri that make this season so bewitching. As the leaves continue to fall and the nights grow longer, let’s carry this magic with us. Until we meet again next year, keep finding joy in the whispers of the wind, the rustle of leaves, and the warmth of candlelight. Stay spooky and keep that enchanting magic alive in your hearts and homes. See you next season, lovelies! 🍂💫

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