Dates for 2024 Masters CrossFit Games and 2024 Teenage CrossFit Games Revealed

The Age Group and Teen Games will take place concurrently from Aug. 29-Sept. 1, 2024.

With the separation of Age Group competition from the CrossFit Games in 2024, functional fitness fans were eager to hear when the Masters and Teen divisions would have their opportunity to throw down for the title of Fittest on Earth®. On Feb. 9, 2024, CrossFit announced the dates and locations of the 2024 Masters CrossFit Games by Legends and 2024 Teenage CrossFit Games by Pit Teen Throwdown.

From Aug. 29 through Sept. 1, 2024, the 2024 Masters CrossFit Games will take place in Birmingham, AL. Concurrently, the Teenage CrossFit Games will be held in Kalamazoo and Three Rivers, MI.

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Per CrossFit’s press release, “Age-group athletes will follow the traditional CrossFit Games season path, competing in the CrossFit Open and advancing to Quarterfinals and Semifinals before moving on to each division’s championship event.”

Masters CrossFit Games

The top masters from the Age-Group Semifinal will advance to the Masters CrossFit Games by Legends, held at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Center.

Running concurrently with the Masters CrossFit Games, Legends will host a community Masters Team Competition in Birmingham. Teams will be made up of two male and two female athletes. There will be 20 teams aged 35-44, 20 aged 45-54, and 10 aged 55+. All athletes must advance through the 2024 CrossFit Open and register for the Quarterfinals to be eligible.

At the Legends’ discretion, the top 20 Quarterfinals finishers aged 70+ (10 male and 10 female) who do not advance to the 65+ Games may receive invitations to a community trial division for athletes 70 and older.

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Teenage CrossFit Games

The top 30 males and 30 females from the Teenage divisions will advance from the Semifinals to the Teenage CrossFit Games by Pit Teen Throwdown at the Wings Event Center in Kalamazoo and the Pit Fitness Ranch in Three Rivers, MI.

Teenage divisions will include Boys and Girls (14-15) and Boys and Girls (16-17). The day before the 2024 Teenage CrossFit Games commences, 150 additional teens and young adults can compete in a community event.

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