Creamy Egg Curry with Yoghurt

Egg curry with yogurt gravy is simple, easy and quick to whip up for busy mid-week dinner.

egg curry with yoghurt


whats not to like about egg…right?

One egg, heaps of way to have them!

One can choose to have hard boiled eggs, soft boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, omelette, sunny side up, fried with crispy sides… ooh many more.

Have ’em with soup, have an egg by the side, or have an egg in salad.

Apart from my routine weekend scrambled eggs (no milk please!!) cooked by hubby, I love having soft boiled eggs with kechap manis (sweet soy sauce) and a dash of white pepper or hard boiled eggs, again with kechap manis 😛

My current favourite is Cilbir or Turkish eggs!

One more dish that I love, is this Egg curry!

Curry has been a favourite for many people.

This egg curry is also known as my “default dish”.
This has been my signature dish, my ‘go to’ dish whenever I have friends over for dinner.

And I have been cooking them whenever I have extra yogurt tub, and I will always have at least a carton of eggs in my fridge.

How to cook Egg Curry with Yoghurt

List of ingredients and method can be found in the printable recipe card below.

However, I will walk you through on how to cook this simple and delicious egg curry with photos below.

1. Prep all ingredients.

Diced 1 onion.

3 cloves of garlic.


If you want some ‘heat’ increase the number of chillies or use chilli powder for that extra buzz in your tastebud.

mortar and pestle
Place all 3 items in mortar and pestle and pound to a rough paste.

Add fresh turmeric if you are using one.

Pounded chilli, ginger and garlic.
Pounded chilli, ginger and garlic.

Soft boiled eggs.
Soft boiled eggs.
Note: You can add how many eggs you wish!
This recipe can accommodate up to 10 eggs.

See foot note in the recipe card on how to cook soft boiled eggs.

Mint leaves
Mint leaves.
I used about 20 mint leaves for this egg curry.
You can add or reduce mint leaves, it is up to your tastebuds.

Coriander leaves.
Coriander leaves.

2. Cook curry

Add cooking oil into a hot pan.
Add cooking oil into a hot pan.

Add diced onion.
Add diced onion.
Saute until onion is soft.

Add cumin
Add cumin.

Add turmeric.
Add turmeric.

Add pounded chilli, garlic and ginger
Add pounded chilli, garlic and ginger into the hot pan.

Stir until fragrant.
Stir until fragrant.

Golden delicious curry mix.
Golden delicious curry mix.

Add yoghurt
Add yoghurt to the pot.

I used greek yoghurt in this recipe, but often I opt for normal yoghurt to make egg curry.
The downside of using greek yoghurt is, it can be quite thick and I have to add water.

Stir and cook until curry reduce and thicken.
Stir and cook until curry reduce and thicken.

Let the yoghurt curry simmer.
Let the yoghurt curry simmer.

Add salt
Add salt.

Add garam masala.
Add garam masala.

Add soft boiled eggs.
Add soft boiled eggs.

add coriander and mint.

Turn off heat and add coriander and mint.
Give the curry a quick stir.

Egg curry with yoghurt is ready to be serve.
Egg curry with yoghurt is ready to be serve.

FAQ on Egg curry.

1. Can I prepare curry ahead of time?

Yes you can prepare everything ahead of time except for eggs, if you prefer soft boiled eggs.

If you don’t mind hard boiled eggs in your curry, then you can add and let the beautiful curry falvours infused into the eggs.

2. How do I store any leftover curry eggs?

Store in an airtight container and place in the refrigerator.

3. How long can I keep curry eggs for?

This curry eggs are best eaten within 3 days of cooking.

It is not recommended to keep for longer.

Yoghurt and eggs can’t keep for long.

Can I freeze curry eggs?

You can freeze the base (without eggs) in the freezer.

Place them in an airtight container.

Again best eaten within 3 months.

egg curry recipe

A video on How To Cook Egg Curry with creamy Yoghurt gravy

Creamy Egg curry with yogurt is simple, easy and quick to whip up for busy mid-week dinner.

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