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Here’s an update on life lately!

this !

Life Lately

  • Me: I’m going to do more lifestyle posts!
  • Also Me: Have yet to do a lately post in 2024

Between holiday break, snow days, Mexico trip, and generally never enough time, I have not been blogging as regularly as I had hoped! It’s a cross between not feeling like I have tons of say/write/share and not making these posts a priority. I’m hoping to do better because they are both fun and easy to write. 

Here’s what we’ve been busy with!


Minus a few days of school for a light snowstorm! It didn’t snow at all last year, so everyone was very excited. We got to use the sleds the kids got for Christmas last year and tried out the neighbors’ tube!

You know what’s really, really nice after a morning of sledding? A sauna blanket!! Preheat for 5 minutes and climb in with your clothes on! 

Other cozy things:

I came out of the shower to find Birch reading in our bed! hahaha! He sure made himself at home. 

Puzzle Season

Puzzle season in in full swing! This one was awesome – Mazen got it for us for Christmas. 

Caramelized Granola

Birch and I made together and then had yogurt bowls for lunch! 

Painting activity! 


Having one of your good friends over from school – they loved playing!

Taylor Swift Concert Screening

I had some friends pile on the couch for a cozy night in watching the Taylor Swift concert. I thought they were going to want to talk the whole time, but everyone was really into the concert (guys included!). 

Gus had the best time!

Going to the dentist

Does going to the dentist count as a cozy activity? No? 


How cute is he in this old pullover of Mazen’s?!

Winter Indoor Soccer

Our games are SO late, but I love playing on the small field.

Here is my massage therapist working on my quad the next day!

Kath Eats Real Food


I got a fresh haircut for….winter. Haha. Spring, I’m ready for you !

Spring is around the corner!

That’s all I got for today!

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