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Happy September. I know summer always flies but this year it really flew. It already feels like fall here, and can you get over this sunrise from this morning? Grainy phone pic but it almost looks like a painting. The school year is in full swing and we are all ready to get back into a nice routine. Hope all of you have a nice long weekend. So many great links this week, enjoy!

Here’s the best of the week. – Jess & Caylin

Click. Read. Love. 9.1.23


I dare you to read this story about a stray dog that gets adopted by a nursing home and not ugly cry. (USA Today)

If you couldn’t make it to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, you can watch it in theaters. (Fast Company)

Something really interesting to consider whenever you’re buying things online. What happens to the things we return? (The New Yorker)

Absolutely loved this essay on making time for the things that fulfill us. -Caylin

The bare minimum, but hopefully the start of more to come. Illinois passed a law to protect child influencers. (NBC News)

“Dad looks the part of a model citizen. He works hard, volunteers, and makes friends easily. He’s a good neighbor and an even better coworker. Then he goes home. Surrounded by his family, he’s angry and irritable, prone to yelling, and quick to punish. He’s not abusive, per se, but difficult and distant in a way that confuses his increasingly anxious children, who can see the disconnect, but lack the perspective to understand it. To them, it feels personal. In fact, it’s a relatively common situation.” (Fatherly)

IVF is failing most women. But new research holds out hope for the future. (The Economist)

How to be happy…according to science. “You’ve heard of schadenfreude—the feeling of taking pleasure in someone else’s misery—but if you want to be happier, instead try its opposite, freudenfreude. This funny-sounding word means finding pleasure in someone else’s success and happiness.” (Reader’s Digest)

A positive shift has occurred in how we think about climate change. (Vox)

Having a baby when there’s a climate change crisis—navigating all the tricky emotions. (The Cut)

People in different regions of the U.S. have measurably different psychological profiles. (The Atlantic)

Are there benefits to naps? (Scientific American)

There’s nothing like a great book recommendation. Check out the comments section too! (Cup of Jo)

“There’s an app for snooping on your friends, family and colleagues. It’s not a social networking app like Facebook or Snapchat. It’s Venmo.” (NY Times)


Don’t miss Yearly Co’s once a year LDW sale! Shared all of my favorite bangles here. Great time for gift shopping ahead of the holidays.

If you’re in the market for sneakers, Converse has 40% off sale styles with code EXTRA40. I got this platform style for fall which ends up being under $40!

The best straight leg white pants from ABLE are $37 with code HOTDEALS.

If you need some new basics, Pact organic underwear is my favorite and currently on sale. So soft, 100% organic cotton and very comfy full coverage fit. Check out my other fall faves here.

Get 20% off site wide at Supergoop with code SUN20. They only do a sale twice a year!

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