CitizenM Washington, D.C. Capitol Chronicles

CitizenM Capitol Check-in Area, Copyright ©

Guess what! The traditional hotel reception doesn’t exist at CitizenM Washington (and most likely not at their other locations either). It has been actually replaced by several cool computers, lined up inside the hotel lobby, right by the main door.

Not far, there is always this friendly ambassador, kind of a hotel’s superhero, waiting to give you a hand if you get stuck.

So, once you come in, you get to tap-tap your details and pick a room view. I’d totally recommend the street view, the one towards the school, rather than the inner garden view. Like this, you will really feel the vibe of the city.

The last step will be setting up your electronic key card in seconds, by adding a blank one on the pad, next to the computer. And ask for an invoice, if needed.

CitizenM Washington D.C. Capitol has also a phone app, which I honestly haven’t used. But that makes it a contactless hotel.

You can start the check-in directly from your phone, and afterwards control your room settings, order food etc. App check-in works only if it’s after 11.00 AM and if there are any available rooms, if you’re within 2 km of the hotel, and have enabled location sharing while using the app.

That being said, let’s have a tour!

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