Christmas SOS Survival Guide! Liposomal Vitamin C, Vitamin B’s and Glutathione to The Rescue.

Christmas is a magical time of year – but let’s be clear this phrase is mainly for people under the age of 10, right? Because once the myth of Santa has been busted open there’s plenty of disappointments that follow. As an adult or a parent, Christmas can become an endurance test that can leave you feeling financially rinsed, emotionally and physically exhausted and wanting to head straight to a detox retreat!

So how, do we restore and maintain a sense of joy, happiness and good health at this extremely taxing time of year? Well, here’s our Christmas SOS survival guide!


Get organised – have a more relaxing Christmas!

This year, with a bit of high powered organisation, you can have a relaxing and magical Christmas!

When it comes to the festive season there are three things you need to be on top of – presents, food and drinks and family! Write a list of everyone you would like to buy presents for with corresponding gift ideas so that you can do a focused Christmas presents shopping trip as early in December as possible – the longer you leave it, the busier the shops are going to be!

Don’t leave wrapping presents to Christmas eve. Instead, wrap them the day you buy them as this will automatically lift a layer of stress and you will feel super organised!

As for the food and drink – the best tip here is to reserve an online supermarket delivery slot and get your essentials checked out as soon as you can – you can always add things to your online order up to 12 hours before your delivery! This will save you loads of time shopping and queuing in the supermarket which considerably reduces Christmas stress.

One of the biggest sources of stress at Christmas can be family dynamics. Take a moment to think about your troublesome relationships, sometimes a small gesture of goodwill or thoughtfulness can speak volumes and can help to settle down anxious relationships and allow for an easier less stressful Christmas Day to unfold.


Stress Busters – Liposomal Vitamin C and Vitamin B Complex

Your adrenal glands (the glands that pump out stress hormones) are going to be working overtime in the lead up to Santa’s big day!

One way to keep these glands in tip-top condition, so that stress does not get the better of you, is to supplement with liposomal C and B vitamins. Both these vitamins are water-soluble which means they can’t be stored by the body and a daily dietary intake is essential.

Snacking on berries and switching refined carbs (the white versions) to whole grain carbs (the brown versions) provides a better dietary supply of both these vitamins. But, it’s actually really beneficial at this rather intense time of year to buy yourself some high-quality liposomal health supplements, such as Altrient Vitamin C and Altrient Vitamin B and Mineral Complex to help support adrenal function and protect you from the signs of stress – tiredness, mood swings, poor sleep, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed.

Liposomal supplements are preferable because they are quick to get absorbed and the nutrients get delivered to cells that need them most – a great way to maintain your Christmas sparkle!


Boosted protection from liposomal vitamin C

Let’s face it – it’s cold, wet and miserable outside and with the central heating on full blast, your body is constantly fighting off those infectious Christmas critters!

Airborne viruses and bacteria are having their own seasonal festivities and the last place you want these bugs to party is in your body! This is where liposomal vitamin C comes to the Christmas rescue, this clever vitamin has natural anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, plus it has the ability to boost immune cell function and effectiveness – an absolute must if you want to get through the winter wonderland without a cold, runny nose, sore throat or chest infection!


Keep it clean with liposomal glutathione

It’s not unusual for Christmas to be drenched in alcohol! This increase in alcohol consumption coupled with a tendency to eat more fatty foods at Christmas parties means your liver is working its socks off!

One way to offset a season of booze and food-related hang-overs is to supplement with liposomal glutathione. This powerful nutrient works really well to support detoxification, giving your liver and cells a helping hand to eliminate all the toxins that can build up with all the festive overindulgence.

Liposomal supplements are your secret weapon this Christmas…let them help you sparkle!

Susie Perry-Debice

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