Hello friends and greetings of the season!  Today’s Christmas Adelaide Pecan Pie comes from Singers and Swingers in the Kitchen.  I last visited that book in 2013!  The recipe comes from Eva Marie Saint, star of On The Waterfront, North by Northwest and many other films. The Christmas Adelaide Pecan Pie is so called because it was a pecan pie, made every Christmas by Eva Marie’s sister Adelaide.

Christmas Adelaide Pecan Pie

You’ll see from the above that a made little pies rather than one big pie.  I had some mini pie crusts in the freezer from another cooking project so I decided to use them up instead of buying a big pastry shell.  Cooking time on the small tarts was 30 minutes.   I also could not find dark corn syrup in my local supermarket. I subbed in a mix of 2/3  golden syrup and 1/3 maple syrup.  Christmas Adelaide Pecan Pie3

Is pecan pie served traditionally at Christmas?  I would love for one of my American readers to tell me?  It feels like it should be  – it certainly makes sense when Christmas falls in winter and fresh fruit is in shorter supply than in the summer months.  

Chrismas Adelaide Pecan Pie Recipe

Christmas Adelaide Pecan Pie


Christmas Adelaide Pecan Pie2

If you wanted to double down on recipes from this book, the Christmas Adelaide Pecan Pie would be divine with a scoop of Barbra Streisand’s Coffee Ice Cream.  This might also come in handy if you need a snack while reading Barbra’s nearly 1000-page memoir!  

Singers and Swingers in The Kitchen The Book

Singers and Swingers

This little book is so much fun!  As well as Eva and Barbra, it also includes recipes from The Rolling Stones, Jane Fonda, Don Adams and Barbara Feldman from Get Smart, The Mamas and The Papas, The Monkees and a host more “scene makers”and “groovy gourmets”.  My records…well Amazon’s records show I bought this back in 2012 for a measly $15.  It now regularly sells for over a hundred!!!  If you don’t want to be spending that kind of money, please feel free to browse the archives here for the recipes I’ve already shared.  I’m also sure this won’t be the last time I dip into this book. 

Have a great week!