Chris Bumstead & Urs Kalecinski Train Arms Together One Week Before the 2023 Olympia

The two top Classic Physique competitors maintian lighter intensity approaching peak week.

The reigning four-time Classic Physique champ Chris Bumstead has touched down in Florida. He met up with fellow Classic Physique competitor Urs Kalecinski from Germany to crush an arm workout. Bumstead seeks his fifth title at the 2023 Olympia, while his rival Urs Kalecinski is focused on making the weight cap — he had 26 pounds of muscle to lose this summer. 

Bumstead uploaded a video of the two muscled juggernauts’ workout to his YouTube channel on Oct. 29, 2023. Watch the two Classic Physique contenders train arms one week out from 2023 Olympia in Stuart, FL, below:

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Bumstead & Kalecinski’s Arm Workout

Below is a breakdown of the two Olympia Classic Physique competitors’ arm workout:

The Classic Physique duo started their arm workout on two cable triceps movements: overhead cable triceps extensions and cable rope triceps extensions. They each performed one while their counterpart performed the other.

Both exercises train triceps in different ranges; the former in the triceps lengthened position and the latter in the triceps’ shortened position. The rope attachments allow both bodybuilders to squeeze at the top of each contraction.

Machine Biceps Curl 

Next, the duo hit their biceps. Kalecinski did a mix of bilateral and unilateral machine curls. Bilateral curling allows him to use more weight, while single-arm curls can service strength and aesthetic imbalances. Bumstead mixes up his tempo, performing some reps at a standard, some at a faster pace, and some with a slow pause. 

EZ Bar Incline/Dumbbell Incline Triceps Extensions

The German bodybuilder did EZ bar triceps extensions. Ez bars apply less stress to the wrists than a straight bar. Kalecinski added a superset featuring triceps presses after his last rep of extensions.

Bumstead opted for dumbbell incline triceps extension over the EZ bar, as the former better isolates his triceps. However, he isn’t able to load as much weight. Bumstead superset them with dumbell chest presses — using an incline places greater activation on the long head. 

Cable Crossover Triceps Extensions & Dumbbell Seated Curls 

Bilateral dumbbell curls in a seated position using a supinated grip enable both bodybuilders to achieve a peak contraction to train the biceps in the fully shortened position. They do as many full reps as possible to failure before closing with partial reps. 

Machine Triceps Pushdowns & High Cable Curls 

When using a machine for pushdowns, Kalecinski and Bumstead used a neutral grip. Their high cable curls, akin to flexing their biceps with resistance to train the short head of the biceps, promotes thickness to the arms.

As peak week has begun for the Classic Physique competitors, they’ll cut their calories to step on stage as lean as possible in Orlando, FL. Like most Olympia competitors at this stage, Bumstead and Kalecinski will focus on recovering. The goal for peak week, as Bumstead puts it, “is to just not hurt yourself.”

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Featured image: @cbum on Instagram

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