Bonafide Clairvee Review: Do Vaginal Probiotics Work?

Like many people, I grew up learning that my vagina was self-sufficient. I don’t use scented products in hopes of making it smell like roses, and I avoid gynecologist no-gos, like douches.

But as interest in vulva care continues to expand, I couldn’t help but wonder if there was a way to also support my vaginal health. After all, I actively look for ways to promote a healthy gut and skin microbiome—shouldn’t I be doing the same for my vaginal microbiome?

My piqued interest aligned well with a chance to test out Bonafide’s Clairvee, a probiotic that helps to maintain a balanced vaginal microbiome.* After two months of taking Clairvee, I’m happy to say this tiny little capsule has changed the way I think about my own vaginal health.

As someone who cycle tracks to prevent pregnancy, I’m in tune with my body’s natural ebbs and flows. I know how different parts of my menstrual cycle impact odors and discharge—and I know when something is not quite right with my vagina.

When I started taking Clairvee, I wasn’t worried that my vaginal microbiome was all out of whack. Instead it felt like a safeguard against the moments when my vagina was struggling to keep things balanced (which eventually happens to every woman).*

Did I notice any changes? Surprisingly, yes. I typically have some discomfort right after my menstrual cycle as my body works to restore balance, but I was generally comfortable through all stages of my cycle when taking Clarivee.*

I also noticed a slight reduction in odor; I have an incredibly sensitive nose and feel like I can pick up on even the faintest odors. While I’ve never considered myself unnaturally smelly—again, every vagina has an odor—I will say my scent felt less strong.*

One time when my scent didn’t change at all? After a super sweaty workout—but what can you really expect?

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