Best Home Remedy for Acidity

Best Home Remedy for Acidity

Best Home Remedies for Acidity

When food enters the stomach via the oesophagus, the gastric glands in the stomach produce an acid that aids in the digestion of the food. You can recall what you ate today if you know what creates acidity. What type of food causes your acidity today? After eating, you can avoid those things or things that led to your umbilical chord. If you have acidity, the problem needs to be treated immediately.

Reasons for acidity:

Excessive food consumption, overly hot foods, excessive oils, sugar, and salt-rich foods, and going to bed shortly after eating a large meal are all significant causes of acidity.

Acidity can be caused by anxiety, stress, or tension in the brain, as well as mental tiredness. High acidity can also be caused by diabetes, asthma, and biliary ulcers, as well as taking antibiotics on an empty stomach, taking blood pressure medication, smoking, and getting less sleep than necessary. Sleep deprivation, hearing loss, frustration, and rage may be the cause of hypothermia if they are not alleviated by physical exercise.
Eating more acidic foods, consuming more chocolate, drinking coffee, alcohol, or smoking can all cause acidity. This can be caused by sugar or flour consumption. Furthermore, skipping breakfast or having an eating disorder might cause high levels of acidity. These are the most significant causes of hyperacidity.

The problems that occur when the condition is left untreated for an extended period of time are more severe and terrifying. It can lead to stomach ulcers and possibly cancer if not treated appropriately. As a result, the acid problem should not be overlooked. Treatment of acidity symptoms such as diarrhea, sore throat, and chest, difficulty swallowing meals, and nausea, among others. They begin to appear when the manufacturing of these acids becomes more than necessary. Abdominal pain with a burning sensation can occur at times.

Home remedies to get rid of acidity:


Cumin helps to cleanse the stomach and soothes indigestion. Chewing a few cumin seeds improves indigestion-related gastrointestinal discomfort. Combine 1 to 1.5 teaspoon hot lemon juice with half a teaspoon cumin powder, half a teaspoon turmeric powder, half a teaspoon black salt, and half a teaspoon cumin powder. This advice is so effective that the cocktail begins to operate within one minute of consumption. The discomfort caused by the acid goes fast when the bowels rise and the stomach feels light.
When combined with an antacid, this technique effectively eliminates stomach irritation and swelling. You can use these suggestions in the morning, midday, or evening, or at any other time. Furthermore, it can be used whenever there is an acidity issue.

Second : 

Cinnamon acts as an antacid and aids in the treatment of hyperacidity. Allow the cinnamon powder to simmer for 4-5 minutes before allowing the water to cool. If you drink it twice a day, you will notice a significant improvement in your acidity.


Basil leaves are a form of indigestion-relieving chemical. It stimulates the production of mucus in the stomach and treats acidity-related ulcers. You can do this by chewing 4-5 basil leaves after each meal, or you can soak the basil leaves and then drink.


Green cardamom relieves stomach bloating and inflammation. People who suffer from hyperacidity on a regular basis are well aware of the factors that can cause them troubles. As a result, it’s critical to avoid all of those things. Allow the Green Cardamom to dry for a few minutes in the sun. The seeds should then be separated from the dried Cardamom. Grind the seeds in a mortar and pastel for best results or you can use a motorized spice grinder.


Clove is an excellent remedy for hyperacidity. Cut the cloves out of your teeth and set them aside in your mouth, as your juice will enter into your stomach and irritate it. In a glass of water, combine 20 mL cool milk and 1 scoop desi ghee. When drinking is difficult, it is simple to drink right away. These techniques can be used every day after eating by people who have acidity issues. Furthermore, consuming only cold milk can be beneficial.
Yogurt is one of the most beneficial foods for acid reflux. It contains lactic acid, which helps to lower stomach acid levels. Its calcium, vitamin, and potassium content contribute to our bodies’ overall wellness. Mix pepper powder, fried cumin powder, beet salt, and jaggery in a glass of flour, then eat it after each meal.

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