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The National Football League (NFL) is the most valuable sporting league in the world and has remained as the nation’s most vastly popular and influential competition which attracts fans from far and wide to attend games in person that feature their favorite teams live in action.

The league continues to generate an unprecedented amount of revenue ahead of every major gameday contest that features one of the 32 established franchises, all of whom continue to amass a widespread amount of fan support from both spectators in person as well as viewers from around the world.

Attending an NFL game in person is often considered to be on the bucket list for any sports fan to enjoy thanks to the unique and raucous gameday atmosphere that is present at virtually every stadium as well as the sheer amount of star power that is on display from some of the sporting world’s most prolific athletes.

While it can often be great to attend a game with a friend or family member whom you may share an allegiance or even a rivalry with another team, bringing your kids to a game is also a welcoming experience for both parties for a variety of reasons.

It can be a terrific way to introduce your child(ren) to the wonderous world of the NFL as well as gifting them the opportunity to witness some of the top stars in the scene today, which is a luxury that not many other families will be able to share.

If you’re planning on attending an upcoming NFL contest with any children, it is important to note that you may need to prioritize their needs ahead of your own, as well as ensure that they can gain the amazing experience of attending an NFL game in person whilst also keeping their own personal safety in mind.

Ticket Prices

Depending on which team you are planning to visit ahead of gameday, there may be a possibility that ticket prices could be very different or even nonexistent for the little ones, which is certainly an opportunity that you should immediately grasp at just in case they sell out.

There are 18 teams in the NFL that offer free admission to children under a certain age which can even include some major contenders such as the Philadelphia Eagles who are not only one of the major Superbowl favorites in the latest NFL playoff odds on DraftKings, but also allow kids under the age of two years old to have free admission to their home stadium games at Lincoln Financial Field.

These discounts can likely fluctuate depending on age to height, but it is still important that any parent or guardian checks out if any ticketing discounts are available on the club’s website before purchasing.

Prioritize child safety 

NFL Stadiums can usually host around 70,000 spectators on any given gameday, meaning that it can be difficult to navigate around the venue, especially with younger children as they could be lost amongst the crowd if they are not kept under close watch.

When heading around an NFL venue, it is always important to keep any children close without letting them out of your sight, with many parents often holding their hand or even carrying younger children, especially up flights of stairways.

Your child’s safety is your responsibility and priority as a parent or guardian meaning that you must keep them close to you at all times no matter if you’re at your seat, moving around concessions or on the exterior premises of the stadium.

Avoid any fan or player confrontations

Depending on where you’re sitting and how the game is playing out, the crowd may start to get restless with the action that is ongoing which could boil over to the seating area meaning that if any fans of the differentiating teams do start to kick off then it is best to escort any children away from the matter to a much safer distance until security can intervene.

As previously stated, you are solely responsible for their safety and if any fans do start to get restless then you must ensure that they are as far away from the feud that is brewing.

Some fans have a reputation for being more overly passionate than others which can result in an ugly feud amongst different spectators, meaning that it is always advised that all parents keep an eye on the situation and monitor any crowd activity that could result in a brawl.

Players can also become quite restless with certain members of the crowd which can include security getting involved in preventing the situation from escalating to a much worse state.

If you’re sitting on the lower tiers and nearer to the players’ bench on the sidelines, then it is best to move away from any confrontations and allow security to clear the way before returning back to your seats when given all clear.

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