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A break from food related posts for a quick one on plants.


I’ve been looking into silk plants lately, as our cats are literally the worst for eating anything green, and even though you can get “cat safe” plants, there’s nothing stopping them from just eating the entire thing, defeating the purpose of having a plant at all. Of course there’s still the possibility of them eating said silk plant but we’re hoping it isn’t as enticing as the real deal.

By fate or coincidence I was contacted to do a review, and of course since I was already considering/looking into something similar I jumped at the opportunity!

Museum Trees offers custom artificial trees and plants for your office, home or outdoor. They have a surprising selection and some crazy things. You can get custom made trees, even ENTIRE giant palm trees, which is crazy but if I had a backyard I might consider it.

I went small because of the apartment and testing the waters with the cats. Succulents are all the rage lately and even if I could keep them away from the pets, along with choosing the right “pet safe” plant, I don’t have the right light access to take care of them properly.

Now I’m going to be real here, this package arrived in a mess. It wasn’t packed properly and the plants had fallen out of their pot. But looking through and reassembly there wasn’t an issue. It was just a matter of poking the stems back into their places. I’ve contacted them about it, because that’s more of a miscommunication/error of the shipping center than the product.

I was pleasantly surprised. I mean what do you expect when you order artificial plants, you think of those plants you find in cheap hotels or the hollow fake fruit. But this has heft.


It legitimately feels like a real succulent. They have a light powdery coating on them which I assume is to prevent sticking during the molding process but it adds such a realistic effect, if you’ve seen a lot of succulents there are some varieties that just naturally look like that which is lovely.

The best bit for me though is I gave it the ‘ol cat test. The other night Yuki inspected it and left it be and this morning Saki gave it a little sniff and went on her merry way.

Really that was the biggest deciding factor of whether or not I liked these.

I really do enjoy the quality of the plants, but I think I might actually “repot” some of these into some cute little containers instead. I kind of like the idea of the versatility of these since they’ll never die, you could replace their pots/planters infinitely to match any changing style.

Overall I’d say if you’re looking for some greenery, but have pets, allergies or a black thumb give these guys a try. When we move I’m absolutely going to look into their small/medium sized trees to grab something to brighten up a corner. Of course, I’d prefer a real plant but we have to compromise sometimes and this is the next best thing!

If you wanna try it out you can use the code  “BLOGGER10” to get 10% off anything but custom plants at


Note: I was provided with complimentary product for an honest review. Opinions are my own.

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