Altrient C Vitamin C makes skin firmer: And we can prove it.

Fed up with skin creams that make huge claims but then don’t bring the results you expected? Are you wondering if there is anything out there that can genuinely rejuvenate ageing skin and reduce wrinkles? Could it be possible that a daily drink could actually deliver these promises?

The Power of Altrient C

The trouble with popular skin creams is that there is only so much they can actually do. A cosmetic cream is as it states – purely cosmetic! This means it can only penetrate the surface layers of the skin, generally enhancing the appearance of the skin, but having no real effect on the metabolism of the cells in the dermis – the deeper layers of the skin.

The key to supple, vibrant skin is to target the underlying skin cells that are responsible for generating collagen. Collagen is a major component of the extracellular matrix that supports skin cells. As we age we produce less collagen which contributes to wrinkles and dry sagging skin. However we cannot synthesise collagen in our body’s without the help of vitamin C, so it is vital for your skin’s health to get sufficient vitamin C daily.

Most people simply don’t get enough vitamin C in their diet.  Supplementing provides a reasonable alternative; unfortunately, it is difficult for the body to absorb large amounts of standard vitamin C all at once. In fact the more you take the less you absorb because of the tightly regulated absorption controls within the body. What is needed is a form of vitamin C that can bypass the body’s tight absorption controls in the intestines and reach the cells directly.

Fortunately, liposomal vitamin C is now available in this country and compared to standard vitamin C supplements is able to deliver almost 100% of its bounty to the cells that need it.

So what are the liposomes contained in liposomal vitamin C?

Liposomes are clever little “vehicles”. They are microscopic bubbles made up of an outer layer of the same fat that makes up our own cell membranes. This encapsulates the vitamin C and carries it directly to the cells. In this unique form, the vitamin C is protected from oxidation and degradation, optimising its effects in a way that normal oral supplementation cannot match. Even more importantly, research can support the anti-ageing effects of this form of vitamin C.

A study carried out by Princeton Consumer Research Limited, looked specifically at the effects of Altrient C™ Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C, on skin health and collagen production and found astonishing results. Of the 41 women aged from 31 to 61 years, who took Altrient C daily, they found a staggering 61% increase in their skin’s firmness and elasticity and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles not just on the face but over the entire body! Those given the placebo treatment showed no change at all. (Report)

These incredible results were achieved by taking just 3 sachets a day of Altrient C over a 16 week period. Equally encouraging was the fact that individuals taking just 1 sachet a day also saw an impressive 35% improvement in their skin’s appearance.

Don’t just let vitamin C do all the hard work. Give your skin the extra care it deserves. Try these top 5 tips and really notice a difference:

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Fluid is so important for maintaining the skin’s flexibility and moisture.  Most living cells contain a large amount of water. Without a generous supply, the skin will end up looking dry, tight and tired. Drink 5-8 glasses a day to plump up your skin cells.

  • Exfoliate – Surprisingly our skin is actually self-exfoliating, however as we age, this doesn’t happen as frequently. Applying a gentle skin scrub daily will remove the dead surface skin cells, letting the strong healthy ones push through, really giving your skin a glow.

  • Eat your 5 a day – if not more! Fruit and vegetables contain a vast array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as well as water. These work hard to keep all the cells in the body in tip top condition including your skin cells.

  • Include lots of fibre in the diet – We are subjected to numerous toxins daily, not just from the environment but also in the foods we eat. The damage these create in the body can seriously affect your skin. Fibre helps to carry these toxins out of the body. Adults need at least 20-30g a day. This can be easily achieved by eating whole grain foods, fruit and veggies.

  • Give up smoking – smoking narrows the blood capillaries that feed the skin starving it of oxygen and nutrients. It also damages the collagen and fibrin that give the skin strength and elasticity, encouraging more wrinkles. Added to this each cigarette you smoke robs the body of around 25 mg of vitamin C which is essential for making new collagen and protecting your skin from damage.

Jackie Newson BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapy

Abundance and Health

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