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First introduced in the late 1970’s I can remember a time where everyone used The Body Shop Vitamin E moisturiser – my mum had it and my auntie had it and therefore I had very easy access to it growing up. Vitamin E was amongst some of the first products for Anita Roddick’s store – if I cast my mind back I think I can still see the original tub in our family bathroom. I want to say that it was in a bottle but can only find images of the tub – if you know, please leave me a comment. Apparently, Anita made a carrot based moisturiser too – and favoured her hand made shea butters for her skin.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Range

The V&A holds information on 12 items (posters mainly) from The Body Shop from back when (1980/90s) including a bottle of Juice It! Remember that? It turns out that there is a lively collector’s market for vintage Body Shop, particularly posters (one you might remember is from 1997 that featured Ruby, a fuller figured doll with the tag line ‘there are three billion women who don’t look like Supermodels, and only 8 that do’ referencing the era of peak supermodel – Naomi, Christy, Linda et al). People are as welded to their Vitamin E Day Moisture Cream to this day as they were when it became – I was going to say ‘viral’ but there was no such thing – the ‘must have’ moisturiser.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Range

Vitamin E has had a revamp and a new member of the Vitamin E family which I am very much enjoying – the Vitamin E Bi Phase Serum Oil (£20). If you want immediately soft skin add to bag (it’s HERE) – honestly, the effect is instant. The Vitamin E Bi Phase Serum Oil is a light, pink hued, hyaluronic fueled liquid in its serum phase and a blend of Vitamin E and raspberry seed oil in its oil phase. Because it’s The Body Shop, who are waste conscious, the raspberries are taken from excess for the juice industry. Shake it up and apply. It’s good for day or night – I’ve been using it first thing in the morning and not only is hydrating enough for the day, it’s a great base to use under foundation or tint. By the way, fun fact that I’ve only just learned – the scent of the Vitamin E range is a subtle raspberry.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Range

As a reminder of the famous Vitamin E Day Moisture Cream (£18 HERE), it’s a simple, fuss free and effective – you don’t need anything more for hydrated skin that looks and feels flexible and soft. It’s no longer in its pink pot – instead in a recyclable glass jar with pink on the label so it doesn’t stray too far from its origins. One sells around the world every 26 seconds which tells us something indeed.

I’ve put all the current Vitamin E products through their paces and absolute favourites are the Bi-Phase Moisture Serum and the Vitamin E Moisture Day Cream. However, don’t dismiss the Vitamin E Facial Wash (£12 HERE) that does a lovely job of cleansing the skin, the Vitamin E Moisturising Toner (£12 HERE) as a hydrating extra step in your skin prep and the Vitamin E Moisture Sleeping Mask (£12 HERE) which is going to be your saviour on dry days maybe after too much sun or windy the range is fairly priced and while we’re cutting our cloth a bit more these days, a safe pair of hands for hydration that works.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Range

My big question, apart from whether the original Vitamin E was in a bottle or a tub, is what was your first The Body Shop product? Those I’ve asked mention Fuzzy Peach, the animal soaps (regulars in my children’s Christmas stockings), Japanese Washing Grains, Green Apple Bath Salts (I don’t remember those!) and various Perfume Oils.

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