Achieve Your Dream Look with a “Glidelift”: The Hidden-Scar Facelift

Developed by El Paso, TX plastic surgeon Sadri Ozan Sozer, MD, the “Glidelift” is the newest and one of the most advanced facelift technique on the market today. With no visible scars, the “Glidelift” provides a vertically oriented midface lift as well as periorbital shaping. 

We spoke with Dr. Sozer to learn more about this innovative procedure and how he achieves the best, most natural-looking results on his patients.

What is a “Glidelift?”

“Essentially we’re doing a face lift through a tiny incision hidden in the hair,” Dr. Sozer explains. “Using a lighted retractor, we lift the skin so that I can see the underlying tissues of the midface and can elevate the deep structures in a vertical direction, to restore a youthful appearance.”

“I do not remove any skin in this surgery,” Dr. Sozer explains. “We’re lifting the skin in a vertical fashion, not horizontally, and then we are able to place it exactly where we want using a surgical net.”

That surgical net is a form of external quilting sutures. The sutures are placed in columns to eliminate the space between the skin and the tissue beneath. 

“This technique allows me to do a full facelift through a tiny incision,” Dr. Sozer explains. “And it’s not painful. You can shower the next day, and there are no drains or bandages. The whole thing is removed within 72 hours and there are no marks.”

What Can You Expect After a “Glidelift?”

A traditional facelift places the scar in front of the ear, often travelling all the way along the hairline. That can be a pretty intense scar, no matter how well it’s hidden. In contrast, the “Glidelift” relies on two small incisions that are pushed back into the hair for better concealment. You will have that surgical net to contend with for three days to secure the changes and protect the longevity of your lift.

“It can be scary to see the surgical net right after surgery,” Dr. Sozer explains. “It looks very intense, as there are a lot of sutures on your face. But, it only is in place for 48-72 hours after surgery and the patient is left with no scars.”

Once the surgical net is removed, you can expect swelling and bruising, as well as soreness. Dr. Sozer generally recommends returning to work after one to two weeks, and roughly a month to resume your regular exercise routine. 

Like many plastic surgery operations on the face, swelling can persist for several weeks, taking up to six months to fully resolve. 

The “Glidelift” Takes Off

Dr. Sozer is an internationally renowned plastic surgeon, and the debut of the “Glidelift” has ignited a series of educational lectures and live surgeries. The buzz around a scarless facelift is no surprise, and the surge in interest has left Dr. Sozer to consider expanding his approach.

“I’m very excited about the “Glidelift.“ I was just asked by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons to give a lecture on the technique at the next meeting, and I have several surgeons from all over the world that visit me in attempts to learn more about technique,” Dr. Sozer says. “So, I think we’re going to start a teaching course for those who want to learn the procedure.”

The push to continue innovating in the plastic surgery space is all about never being satisfied.  

“I always strive for perfection,” Dr. Sozer explains. “I have visiting surgeons from all over the world, and I always inform them that they should come back in a year, because I will have improved upon the techniques seen today. We always want to improve results for our patients, so we are never complacent.”

Additionally, the imperative to reduce visible scarring as much as possible comes from the overall artistry that plastic surgery involves.

“It’s like art,” Dr. Sozer explains. “Although I’m treating a patient, I’m also designing and sculpting each patient uniquely to provide a result that is aesthetically more pleasing to that individual. In the field of plastic surgery, there is no standard way to perform any operation, and thus, it allows each surgeon to have their own style.”

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