A Peek Inside My Supplement Cabinet (A Round-Up Of My Favs)

As someone who’s worked in nutrition and health for 16+ years (and let’s be real, who’s always been fascinated by the human body and helping it function its very best), I get questions all the time about my favorite nutritional supplements: vitamins, minerals, protein powders, herbs and so on.

We all know I’m a sucker for anything that helps me FEEL my best, inside and out. And while I do have a list of fav supplements that I like to intentionally sprinkle into my routine (based on what my body needs that season), let’s first start here:

The first (and most efficient, absorbable) way to get the nutrients and vitamins your body and cells needs……….is by eating real-food. And a wide variety of it. 

Full stop.

Colorful, seasonal produce, whole grains, beans and legumes, organic meats and seafood. A wide array of these real foods (plus staying well-hydrated) packs the biggest nutritional punch. And again, those nutrients are so much more ABSORBABLE  to your body if they come from food directly. So, start with real food, first. If you start there, so many natural shifts start to happen on their own: better sleep, less sugar cravings, healthier skin, more energy, and on and on and on.

It’s pretty incredible how much a real-food eating plan can “fix” so many areas of our health. 

But if you notice something’s still a bit off, or you aren’t seeing the results you’re seeking when it comes to how you feel, I’m a big fan for supplementing with lots of thoughtfulness and intention. If you’re just getting started with supplements, I would go so far as recommending getting bloodwork done or speaking with a doctor to get testing done, to know exactly what your body needs some support with.

At the very least, you should be in tune with your body and know what stage of life you’re in so that you can accurately understand what you need some support with. Things like digestion, sleep, protein intake, hydration, gut issues, etc.

As far as the supplements themselves go, QUALITY matters. Like, a lot. Why? Because the supplement industry is not regulated. You want to make sure you’re choosing brands that value high quality and impeccable sourcing above anything else. Will you pay a bit more for better quality products? Probably. But will it be worth it for the peace of mind that you’re actually consuming ingredients that come from quality sourcing and manufacturing? 100000%.

I’m also a big fan of rotating on and off different supplements, so your body doesn’t get used to them. Mix up what you’re using, just like to switch up your skincare routine every so often so your skin doesn’t stop responding to your products.

Okay, *steps off supplement pedestal*. Those are my biggest tips for finding the right supplements for YOU, your body and your needs. Once you know the kind you need, come back here to check out my list of favorite nutritional supplements that I cycle through, depending on what my body needs in different seasons and scenarios! These are all well-sourced, well-made and fully trusted by yours truly.

My Favorite High-Quality Nutritional Supplements

  • Cymbiotika Magneisum L-Threonate: Helps with focus, mood stabilization and memory.
  • Cymbiotika Super Greens: Supports cellular detoxification, boosts energy and promotes healthier immune systems. 
  • Cymbitika Omega:  Supports brain, eye, and heart health and reduces inflammation. Note: this one does contain monkfruit as  a sweetener, which I don’t love. But it may be a great option for others if it doesn’t bother you. 
  • Equilibria CBD Daily Drops: My go-to to wind down at night and calm my nervous system before bed. (No THC!) Use the code “simplyrealhealth” to get 15% off!
  • Equilibria CBD Daily Gummies: These help with staying focused, calm and centered throughout your day. (No THC!) Use the code “simplyrealhealth” to get 15% off!
  • Quinton Hypertonic Minerals: These are amazing  liquid minerals harvested from rare sea water, designed to help support rapid hydration, stamina, energy support, muscle recovery, alertness, and bone health. I love the hypertonic option the most (it’s more concentrated and meant for the morning, but the isotonic is great for bedtime or for kids too). I’ve noticed such a difference in my hair and nails after incorporating these, the last few months. 
  • Trace Minerals, mineral drops: these are another great option for minerals, at a great price point. 
  • Trace Minerals Concentrated Ionic Chlorophyll: Chlorophyll helps to support healthy cells, digestion, immunity, and body mineral balance. I add 10-15 drops in a huge mason jar of water every single morning!
  • NOW Supplements, Magnesium Bisglycinate Powder: Magnesium is a mineral that helps with energy production and metabolism, muscle contraction, nerve impulse transmission, and bone mineralization. Magnesium is also required for fatty acid synthesis, protein synthesis and glucose metabolism. This option is a great price point to start with. I usually take 3-4 capsules to start. 
  • Seeking Health Optimal Multivitamin: My go-to daily multivitamin!
  • Seeking Health Optimal Prenatal: I’ve taken this before and during both of my pregnancies and while breastfeeding during the postpartum period. Formulated with a unique blend of amino acids, chelated minerals, and vitamins with active B6 and ginger to support digestive comfort. It also supports methylation, a healthy immune system, and provides MTHFR support. They go in and out of stock a lot, so if you see them available, stock up if you’re in the season for it. 
  • Thorne Prenatal Vitamins: these are another great option— a great price point, methylated forms of folate, high quality and usually always in stock. 
  • Moon Juice SuperHair Multivitamin: Clinical strength hair growth vitamin to help promote healthier, thicker, stronger hair, nails, lashes and brows. I swear by these postpartum (and anytime you want or need a great hair boost AND multi in one).
  • Thorne Liquid Vitamin D/K2 Drops : a great addition in the Fall & Winter seasons to help boost your immune system and balance hormones and mood. Love these easy dropper method for all ages. 
  • Bulletproof Coconut Charcoal : this is not a daily one, but THE BEST thing to always have in your supplement cabinet. I never travel without it, and use it anytime my stomach feels off after eating or drinking something. Charcoal is a natural toxin absorber, so it’s great for food poisoning, traveling. Take with a lot of water!
  • Earth Circle Organics Pure Young Dried Coconut Water Powder: A great source of potassium and an excellent way to stay naturally hydrated.
  • Unflavored Electrolyte Drops: why oh why is it so hard to find electrolytes made with real-sugar (vs monkfruit or stevia)?! After my fav electrolyte brand recently changed it’s formula, it took some digging but I found one. I’d mix with a tiny splash of lemonade in water (or squeeze of lemon juice + tiny splash of maple syrup) for a delightful, energy boosting little moment.

My Favorite Clean Protein Powders

  • Vega Protein Made Simple Protein Powder, Vanilla: This protein powder is both stevia & monkfruit free (so hard to find!) with 15 grams of protein and only 4-8 simple ingredients. Love that this is a plant-based protein powder made from natural, real-food ingredients. This one def has a strong vanilla taste (from actual vanilla), so it’s a great option if you like a slightly more sweet powder. I mix mine into green smoothies, baked goods and oatmeal!
  • Philosophie Cacao Magic Plant-Based Superfood Blend: Another great option that’s stevia & monkfruit free! Cacao Magic is a protein-rich superfood powder made from organic cacao powder, cacao nibs, reishi mushroom powder, mesquite, maca, chia seeds, hemp protein, and vanilla. It’s a unique mix of nutrients and real ingredients that are good for your whole-body health. It’s not sweet tasting, so you usually need to pair with a banana in a smoothie, and it’s also awesome in oatmeal. 
  • Sprout Living Unsweetened Protein: this is a great simple one, that’s unsweetened. Pea or hemp based protein is usually my go-to for a plain powder I’m mixing into other things. Just be sure to check your ingredient label! This one is great. If you’re local to Seattle, I also found it at PCC Markets.

My Favorite High-Quality Kids Supplements    

  1. Smarty Pants Multi-Omega-Vit D- Vit K Gummies:  I love this brand because they use methylated forms of folated and b-vitamins (in case your kids might have the MTHFR gene that can’t methlyate on their own). Noah loves the taste— true story: I use these as a “reward” for  him cleaning up his own room after quiet time. I just say gummies…… not vitamin gummies lol. Same same.
  2. Thorne Liquid Vitamin D/k2 Drops:  I love this brand for adults & kids alike in the winter time months especially so to boost them up. The dropper is easy and fun to drop into their mouths or any liquid or food.
  3. Beekeepers Naturals Kids Immune Support Spray : another seasonal fav, that we do almost daily in the winter to help with immune boosting and support. Kids over 1 years old can do it (it’s honey based). Also grab their cough syrups, day and night time for kids (and they have a adult line too). There’s no mystery ingredients, it’s all real- food based, and it WORKS! I have a extra code for you if you’d like, just use “simplyrealhealth” at checkout to get 20% off your entire order. 
  4. Mary Ruth’s Elderberry Herbal Drops: another seasonal, fall and winter fav to boost their immune system. We call it “dessert water” in our house (tee-hee).

CBD…. what’s all the talk about it? It’s a supplement cabinet must!

This woman-owned company is my absolute favorite for any and all CBD products (oral & topical) and will give new customers a 1:1 consultation to determine the right product and dosing for you! Use the code “simplyrealhealth” to save 15%!

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