7 Best Places to Ski in the Netherlands

I love skiing, and one of my chief fears about moving to the Netherlands was access to decent ski slopes. A ski trip in Holland isn’t necessarily what one thinks of when considering the European coastal flatlands of the Netherlands.

But, believe it or not, the Dutch are known for being creative. For years, they have been enthusiastic fans of mountain-related snow sports with nary a mountain in sight.

Anyway, without being anywhere near the list of the world’s top ski locations, the Dutch enjoy year-round ski activity and snow with the novel idea of indoor ski resorts and facilities. If you fancy yourself as something of a shredder and with a free day or two in the Netherlands, a snowy indoor day might be worth a diversion.

Here are some of the best places for skiing in the Netherlands, even in the middle of July in a broiling European summer! Grab your coat and let’s hit the lift lines.

Best Netherlands Skiing Locations

1. De Uithof

Family in De Uithof, Netherlands
De Uithof / Facebook

Address: Jaap Edenweg 10, 2544 NL Den Haag, Netherlands

Best place to stay near De Uithof: The Hague Marriott Hotel

Starting with the world-famous location, the Hague, the Dutch enjoy a modest nearby ski complex with De Uithof, which combines a blue slope that covers a 211-meter by 25-meter hill with an adjacent ice rink. Visitors to the Hague looking for something off the beaten path or night entertainment are usually pleasantly surprised with this resort ski and its affordable prices.

The facility runs four different lifts and provides good snow conditions every month of the year. The main ski slope for the facility is split, with advanced skiers on one side and newbies and young families on the other. Lifts and slower pull carpets make it easy for anyone to get back up the slope for another run.

The facility also offers ski and snowboard lessons, so anyone can get started instead of just sitting on the sidelines. There are lessons for children as early as three years for skiing and eight years old for snowboarding. Advanced skiers can take advantage of classes teaching trick skills, freestyle moves, and advanced ski techniques.

As mentioned, the Uithof ski resort also includes ice rinks for families and non-snow-minded. Three different rinks provide general skating, sports, and racing training. Lessons are provided as well for all skill levels. And if skiing and ice skating aren’t enough, De Uithof also provides ice-karting in April and May!

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2. SnowWorld Landgraaf

SnowWorld Landgraaf building exterior
SnowWorld Landgraaf / Facebook

Address: Witte Wereld 1, 6372 VG Landgraaf, Netherlands

Best place to stay near SnowWorld Landgraaf: Onsite at Alpine Hotel SnowWorld

One of the largest indoor snow complexes in Western Europe, SnowWorld Landgraaf, has a sloped foundation on top of Wilheminaberg, a fabricated mini mountain. Popular with families, that fake mountain offers six different inclines or slopes for visitors to enjoy.

The ski resort’s #1 slope is considered tough enough for competition events and offers a six-person lift, great for small groups and not too steep either. The #2 piste is the longest free run at the resort, accessed with a six-person lift and ski-rope tows.

The #3 slow is for beginners, and #4 provides alternative snow fun with tubing and sledding for those who aren’t interested in skiing. There is also a very mild slope for toddlers and a fun park for general children entertainment. Night skiing is popular here too!

Older children and adults not interested in the slopes can also take advantage of mountain climbing practice with Adventure Valley, a zip-wire activity course, and a coaster-sled run. Even better, Landgraaf offers accommodations and three different restaurants for you to chew through.

Visitors should expect to dress warmly inside Landgraaf. The internal ski resort temperature is close to 23 degrees Fahrenheit (or -5 degrees Celsius) for snowy slopes on the pistes and it feels even colder on chairlifts.

The best snowy slope conditions start early in the morning before the rest of the crowd arrives. Wake up early and get that fresh corduroy before it’s all skied off.

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3. SnowWorld Zoetermeer

Aerial view of SnowWorld Zoetermeer in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands
Vincent / Adobe Stock

Address: Buytenparklaan 30, 2717 AX Zoetermeer, Netherlands

Best place to stay near SnowWorld Zoetermeer: Golden Tulip Zoetermeer

Located in the western part of Holland, just east of The Hague, Snowworld Zoetermeer is part of the same operation that manages the aforementioned Landgraaf resort. That’s probably why this place rocks.

Zoetermeer provides multiple runs that are available around the year, including skier tow lifts and magic carpets to get back up the hill. Not being a resort and more of a slope and fun park situation, the facility is not as big as Landgraff, boasting only four slopes. However, I’d argue that the slopes are a little more interesting, with appeal for skiers and snowboarders.

If you’re hungry, Zoetermeer provides visitors with three restaurants, including a self-service restaurant, not to mention two bars where you can enjoy a local beer or some post-piste brandy!

4. SnowWorld Terneuzan

Skiing in SnowWorld Terneuzan
Management / TripAdvisor

Address: Zeelandlaan 3, 4538 CA Terneuzen, Netherlands

Best place to stay near SnowWorld Terneuzan: Churchill Hotel Terneuzen

Another member of the SnowWorld family, this indoor winter sport complex is in the southern part of the country near the Belgian border. Featuring a singular slope with multiple runs built into it and a trio of tow lifts, this location gives visitors a basic 300 meters of slope to work with, perfect for learning the fundamentals and practicing skiing techniques.

Despite being a smaller location, there is a great onsite ski school for beginner ski and snowboard lessons. There is also a fun park with a jump/airbag for the kids and lots to get the extra energy out of the little ones. There is also dining and parking available.

5. SnowWorld Rucphen

SnowWorld Rucphen in the Netherlands
Berrie Pelser / TripAdvisor

Address: Baanvelden 13, 4715 RH Rucphen, Netherlands

Best place to stay near SnowWorld Rucphen: Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant De Reiskoffer

Our next entry from SnowWorld; this site is a bit bigger than the one in Terneuzen, covering 30,000 square meters of wintery goodness!

Less than an hour south of the awesome city of Rotterdam, it provides a range of runs with all skillsets included, and additional terrain park zones help with non-skiing fun. The cornerstone piece is the giant airbag.

A ski school provides lessons for beginners and those looking to brush up, and six restaurants can take care of family dinners. There’s no hotel option is not on site, but there is free parking.

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6. SnowWorld Amsterdam

SnowWorld Amsterdam Building
Adrie Oosterwijk / Shutterstock.com

Address: Heuvelweg 6-8, 1981 LV Velsen-Zuid, Velsen The Netherlands

Best place to stay near SnowWorld Amsterdam (formerly Snow Planet): Fletcher Hotel – Resort Spaarnwoude

Formerly Snow Planet, this smaller facility is now part of the SnowWorld family, providing Amsterdammers with an easy way to enjoy indoor skiing without going very far from town. Whether snowboarding or skiing, visitors get a solid 300 meters of slope and real snow to enjoy, and two lifts make short work of getting back up the hill for the ski runs.

Beginners can make use of the onsite ski lessons and enjoy a slower, easier magic carpet versus lifts for skiing repeatedly. For those who want a quick afternoon run, SnowPlanet offers a two-hour pass for self-access.

Alternatively, if with a group, an eight-person pass is available, which comes in really handy when wanting to have a skiing day with friends. The group pass gives visitors a four-hour block for both skiing and snowboarding.

The location has a terrain park for kids to burn off energy when not skiing, but the fun park is only available in the summer months. While there aren’t any onsite accommodations, you’re not far from the relaxing Fletcher Hotel & Resort. Check in to top off the perfect ski vacation!

7. Snowcenter Montana

Kids in Snowcenter Montana, Netherlands
Snowcenter Montana / Facebook

Address: Kempervennendreef 4, 5563 VB Westerhoven The Netherlands

Best place to stay near Snowcenter Montana: Eddies

While the name stems from the northern U.S. state and prairie region, Snowcenter Montana (aka Montana Snowcenter or Montana Snow Center) in the Netherlands provides skiers with a slightly more compact 140-meter indoor slope just a half hour’s drive from Eindhoven.

The Snowcenter Montana facility provides the full amenities for beginners with an easy piste to explore, magic carpet versus lifts for starting out, a ski school for all ages and skill levels, and advanced skiers will have a bit of space to get some good runs in too.

There’s an onsite ski shop and ski rental is also available, so folks don’t have to bring their equipment. Plus, their restaurant has some great food, offering buffets and BBQ.

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Things to Consider for Skiig in the Netherlands

Ski Gear to Bring

Set of Ski Gear
Alex Ishchenko / Adobe Stock

While you’ll be able to rent skis and a helmet at most of these places, read our Ultimate Ski Vacation Checklist for a comprehensive guide, or think about these bits of kit you might want to bring along:

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance form put on a wood table
William Potter / Shutterstock

Travel insurance provides more protection than just trip schedules and canceled flights. An insurance policy provides a safety net for the unexpected.

Snowboard and ski accidents happen, especially for those not used to skiing every day. Due to the nature of skiing and snowboarding, some of these accidents can be truly horrific, even life-altering.

At the very least, having a bit of coverage gives you a little extra peace of mind while you’re out on the slopes, and if an accident does happen, you’ve got something to fall back on. World Nomads is a company I’d recommend for skiers, and I’ve recently had some good experiences with SafetyWing.

Every policy is different, and if you feel like shopping around for you or a party, you can check out travel insurance supermarkets like TravelInsurance.com.

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Cars in A20 highway in The Netherlands
Frans / Adobe Stock

Given the location of most of these Dutch skiing locations, renting a car is an advantage, especially if bringing your own equipment for skiing. Flying with skis and snowboards is a pain, biking around with skis is not for the faint of heart, and it’s a struggle getting them around even with the excellent public transportation system and train network.

Since most of these ski facilities are usually outside of major metropolitan areas, (and the designers and operators no doubt appreciate how awkward it is to carry around ski gear) free parking is available at most of them.

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Do I need to confirm a reservation before a ski day?

Some facilities will allow you to show up on the day and ski (some even for free), but it’s always wise to reserve time slots for ski resorts on your day and visit by buying them online. Remember, peak tourism season tends to see lots of attendance, so make reservations early.

Rental equipment can be found at all of these sites for those worried about bringing their own gear. The facilities in most ski resorts are available and operating year-round, making it easier to plan a trip at different times of the year.

When is the best time to ski in the Netherlands?

Most Dutch ski resorts are open 365 days a year, so they can be accessed any month with fresh snow, which is great for ski or snowboarding lessons off-season. However, in the warm months, “ski halls” tend to see more activity locally in lieu of traveling to the Alps. Fun parks for kids are also limited in cold months.

Where are some top-rated ski resorts and ski areas in the Netherlands?

Laandgraaf is probably the best ski resort choice and most comprehensive, especially if you want an all-in-one package with everything in one location, including hotel and amenities. The hotel option makes it easy to store skis or a snowboard, and other equipment in a room when not on the pistes. It’s also ideal for families and night activities to save on travel and stay in one place.

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