5 New Recipes We Loved in October

Looking at October’s new recipes, it’s clear that baking season is in full swing: Three of the five recipes that we published this month are for baking projects—a proportion we likely wouldn’t have seen just a month or two ago. It’s clear that it was also a month for bold, dynamic flavors. Think: focaccia doused with a spicy, earthy coffee-chili crisp, big plate chicken that’s been “turbo-charged,” and pots de crème flavored with a winning combination of chocolate and hazelnuts. Without further ado, here are five new recipes we published in October.

1. Hazelnut Chocolate Pots de Crème With Hazelnut Brittle

These individual pots de crème are ideal for all the fall and winter dinner parties you have coming up—but it’s the orange-scented hazelnut brittle that really steals the show.

2. Turbo-Charged Xinjiang Big Plate Chicken

Says recipe developer Mandy Lee of her take on big plate chicken: “I decided to up the flavor, spice, and heat levels of the dish without deviating from its core principles. It’s still a very big plate of chicken. It still has flat chewy noodles to soak up all its glory. It even keeps those humble potato chunks to remind us where it came from.”

3. Cardamom Wreath (Kardemommekrans) From ‘Scandinavian From Scratch’

This recipe, from Nichole Accettola’s recently published cookbook, Scandinavian From Scratch, is all about highlighting the delicately floral, warming qualities of cardamom. Make it for your next fika.

4. Pumpkin Bread With Chocolate Chips

Pumpkin puree and avocado oil work together to make an incredibly moist, fall-ready loaf cake that’s studded with chocolate chips. Make it on a Sunday, and enjoy a slice with your afternoon coffee all week.

5. Coffee-Chili Crisp On Focaccia

“A bit of instant espresso is bolstered by spices that embody some of the flavor profiles found in coffee: cinnamon, fenugreek—which yields a maple flavor—cracked black pepper, and baharat, a spice blend of Syrian origin which includes a blend of cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, and cumin,” explains Food Editor Emily Ziemski.

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