5 Best Chelada Beers That Are A Must Have

The Chelada has gained global recognition. With its origins deeply rooted in American culinary traditions, the Chelada provides a refreshing and delightful drinking experience. In this article we will delve into the best Chelada beers available in the American market each offering their own distinct taste.

What is a Chelada Beer?

A Chelada beer is a beverage that brings together the flavors of beer, lime juice and salt. Its is served over ice in a glass with a salted rim resulting in a revitalizing taste. Although some people might mistake it for a Michelada, there’s actually a distinction between the two. While the Chelada only includes lime juice and salt, the Michelada incorporates ingredients like sauce Worcestershire sauce and tomato juice.

The Cultural Significance of Chelada Beer

Chelada beer has a importance particularly in Mexican and Latin American culinary traditions. It’s a favored option for get togethers, parties and festive occasions. The harmonious blend of beer, lime juice and salt offers a mix of flavors that complements Mexican dishes such as tacos, ceviche and guacamole. Moreover the Chelada is renowned for its low ABV making it an ideal selection, during scorching summer days or when unwinding by the beach.

Our Recommendations for Best Chelada Beers

1. Thorn Brewing

Thorn Brewing has gained quite a following for their delicious craft beers. Their Chelada beer puts a spin on the recipe by incorporating their own innovative brewing methods and top notch ingredients. The Thorn Brewing’s Chelada is carefully crafted to achieve a balance and deliver a refreshing experience. With its lime taste, hint of salt and crisp beer foundation the Thorn Brewing Chelada is absolutely worth trying for anyone who appreciates a good brew.

2. Modelo Chelada Especial

Modelo stands out as a recognized and Mexican beer brand. Their Chelada variant brings together the smoothness of their Lager with the tang of lime and salt. With its packaging and standing legacy, Modelo Chelada Especial has earned its place as a beloved choice in the Chelada beer community. The careful blend of top notch ingredients and adherence to brewing methods guarantees a delightful and satisfying drinking experience.

3 . 21st Amendment El Sully

The 21st Amendments El Sully is a craft brewery that appreciates the lager style. Their El Sully Chelada presents an interpretation of this timeless drink prioritizing taste and excellent quality. This Chelada beer offers an refreshing flavor with notes of lime and salt that beautifully enhance its light bodied nature. If you’re looking for a Chelada experience that is both revitalizing and effortlessly enjoyable 21st Amendment El Sully is the choice.

4 . Tecate Chelada

Tecate, a beer brand from Mexico has been crafting beverages for many years. Among their lineup is Tecate Chelada, a beer that offers a fusion of flavors. This refreshing drink is known for its lime taste balanced saltiness and smooth finish. With its packaging and unwavering dedication to quality Cerveza Tecate remains a choice for Chelada lovers everywhere.

5 . Sun King Pachanga Lager

Sun King Brewery, located in Indianapolis is renowned for its delicious craft beers. One of their standout offerings is the Pachanga Lager which serves as a foundation for a revitalizing Chelada. With its light bodied nature this beer pairs splendidly with the essence of lime and a hint of salt. Sun Kings Pachanga Lager ensures a enjoyable Chelada experience that will undoubtedly leave you craving for more.


  1. Thorn Brewing
  2. Modelo Chelada Especial
  3. 21st Amendment Brewery
  4. Cerveza Tecate
  5. Sun King Brewery

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