25 Best Homemade Beauty Gifts

When in doubt, we always resort to DIY beauty gifts! We’ve got the classics – soap, sugar scrub – but also the finer, more surprising recipes like perfume or body conditioner. You can choose a couple of our ideas and make them in a big batch to share will all your loved ones.

Pack in WECK jars or small tins with some baker’s twine and a touch of greenery, and voilà! You’ve reached the perfect balance between thoughtfulness and frugalness!

25 Best Homemade Beauty Gifts - Hello Glow

Homemade Soap

Homemade soaps are pretty, functional and smell great. Try your hand at making cocoa-mint, holiday glycerin bars, herb and citrus glycerin or rose-vanilla.

Exfoliating Homemade Soap Bars1. Exfoliating Homemade Soap Bars

These soap bars check all the boxes that make a good gift, plus they’re excellent for making in big batches when you’ve got a long list and no more inspiration.

Holiday Homemade Soap | HelloGlow.co2. Holiday Glycerin Soap

Clear glycerin is perfect for making festive soap, as you can put pretty much anything inside! Citrus and herbs look particularly pretty, if you ask us.

Rosemary & Eucalyptus Soap3. Rosemary & Eucalyptus Soap

This soap can be made in big batches in no time with this easy melt-and pour-technique. Bundle two or three together for a lovely stocking stuffer.

Homemade Almond Vanilla Clay Facial Soap4. Homemade Almond Vanilla Clay Facial Soap

With almond milk, vanilla and clay, this soap is gentle on the skin, which makes it perfect for winter, and surprisingly easy to make in bigger batches.

Homemade Lip Balm

Lip balms are easy to make on the cheap, and can be customized with different flavors, scents and colors. Try DIY Tinted Raspberry Lip Balm, Lip-Plumping Cinnamon Lip Balm, Green Tea SPF Lip Balm, Pumpkin Pie Lip Balm + Edible Lip Scrub, or Honey Lip Balm.

Cranberry Lip Gloss

5. Creamy DIY Lip and Cheek Stain

Here comes the perfect multitasking beauty product to give your BFF! You can play around with the beet root powder to get the color intensity you love.

Mint Chocolate Homemade Lip Gloss6. Mint Chocolate Homemade Lip Gloss

If you know someone who’s always craving mint chocolate ice cream… gift them a mint chocolate lip balm! You can even pair it with a homemade lip scrub to match.

Vegan Lip Balm7. Vegan Lip Balm

This DIY vegan lip balm swaps plant-based wax and coconut oil for beeswax. Customize it with plant pigments for color or your favorite essential oils.

Homemade lotion + Moisturizers

Lotions and moisturizers are a must-have during the dry winter months; stock your friends and family up with all-natural, homemade versions like Whipped Green Tea + Coconut Oil Moisturizer, Lavender-Calendula Healing Hand Salve, Homemade Lotion with Calendula and Aloe, Soothing Cucumber Lotion, or Orange-Coconut Whipped Body Butter.

And for those who have little ones, this Whipped Coconut + Shea Baby Butter will soothe baby bums.

Argan Rose Body Conditioner8. Argan Rose Body Conditioner

Body conditioner is where lotion and soap meet to create the most wonderful, hydrating product for dry skin. And everyone I know has dry skin in winter, so…

Shea Butter Sensitive Skin Moisturizer9. Shea Butter Sensitive Skin Moisturizer

This DIY sensitive skin face moisturizer is packed with hydrating and anti-inflammatory ingredients like chamomile, shea butter and sea buckthorn oil.

DIY Roll On Cuticle Oil Blend10. DIY Roll On Cuticle Oil Blend

Did you know you could use essential oils on nails? We love this blend for the cuticles, and it makes a great gift next to a couple of non-toxic nail polish bottles in trendy colors.

Honey Hand Balm11. Honey Hand Balm

Winter can be brutal on your hands. If you’re suffering from dryness, painful cracks, and redness, this homemade honey hand balm will help.

Homemade Bath + Body Gifts

This Homemade Rose Milk Bath couldn’t be easier, or prettier. Stock up on nice bottles to gift it in. Great for teachers, bosses or those who could just use a little pampering. Throw in this Refreshing Rose Water Tonic and make it a rose-themed beauty gift basket!

Bath time enthusiasts will also love Homemade Chocolate Milk Bath, Calming Sleepy Time Bubble Bath, DIY Aromatherapy Bath Salts, Rose-Vanilla Bath Bombs, Mojito Bath Salts, Honey-Vanilla Bubble Bath, or  De-Stress Aromatherapy Bath + Shower Tablets.

DIY Glitter Bath Bombs12. DIY Glitter Bath Bombs

Who doesn’t love bath bombs? They’re always fun to get and even more so when they come with glitter. We like that you can pack a dozen of them as a bigger gift or just add the one as a stocking stuffer!

Lavender Bath Salt Soak 13. Lavender Bath Salt Soak

The absolute easiest thing you could make! The bath salts look beautiful and they’re super relaxing to use. Buy a huge bag of Epsom salt and knock out all of your homemade gifts!

Honey Vanilla Bubble Bath14. Honey Vanilla Bubble Bath

A great excuse to take time for yourself and enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub. Use this recipe for sensitive skin. Your friends will appreciate this gift!

Homemade Scrub Gifts

Scrub-a-dub-dub with these fragrant homemade exfoliating scrubs: Coconut-Coffee Scrub Cubes (pictured above), Pumpkin Spice Facial Scrub, Sea Salt Hand Scrub, Rose and Chamomile Facial Scrub, Ginger Detox Scrub and  Sugar Scrub Cubes.

DIY Sugar Scrub Bars15. DIY Sugar Scrub Bars

Both guys and gals can benefit from these sugar scrub bars – they work wonders against dry skin! No need to break the bank at LUSH, you can totally make them yourself.

Holiday Sugar Scrub Trio 16. Holiday Sugar Scrub Trio 

Mulling Spice, Peppermint Latte or Gingerbread Cookie? Why pick just one when you can make them all to mix and match for an easy, cost efficient homemade gift.

Firming Pumpkin Spice Facial Scrub from Hello Glow17. Pumpkin Spice Facial Scrub

Rather than baking a pumpkin pie, you can whip up a pumpkin pie face scrub! It smells just as good, and it’s easy to make in bigger batches to give away.

DIY Lip Scrub18. DIY Lip Scrub

Lip scrub is the ultimate stocking stuffer! You can make a slightly bigger batch to split in tins, print or handwrite a pretty label, and you have a small gift for all your girlfriends!

Mint Mojito Scrub19. Mint Mojito Scrub

We all have tropical vacations on our minds during the cold winter months, so a mint mojito sounds about right! Whip up a batch of mint mojito bath salts for a refreshing holiday gift.

Homemade Perfume Gifts

Perfume is so expensive, and it’s one of those things you rarely splurge on for yourself. Gift a homemade perfume, body spray or oil (here’s a list of easy ones to make) in a lovely little container, and the recipient will think of you every time she uses it.

DIY Solid Perfume20. DIY Solid Perfume

How cool would it be to have your best friend or sister wear a perfume you made yourself? If this idea tickles your fancy, you should consider making this beeswax-based solid perfume for the holidays!

Homemade Jasmine Aloe Perfume Body Spray21. Homemade Jasmine Aloe Perfume Body Spray

A refreshing treat for any woman! It’s lightweight and beautifully scented to remind you of summer.

Essential Oil Perfume22. Essential Oil Perfume

Not everyone has the same taste in perfumes, nor should they! Try your hand at making essential oil blends that suit all your friends’ personalities with this customizable formula.

Lavender Lemonade Body Spray23. Lavender Lemonade Body Spray

It’s amazing how a quick spritz and a deep inhale can be just the thing to pick you up out of an afternoon slump. The orange flower water used for this body spray does just that!

Homemade Skincare Gifts

Rosehip Facial Oil24. Rosehip Facial Oil

Facial oils can be expensive but the DIY method is much more cost effective! This recipe is ideal for aging skin and would make a thoughtful gift.

Homemade Cleansing Balm25. Cleansing Balm

The oils in the cleanser help pull out the oils in your skin from makeup and sebum without actually stripping the pores like a more astringent cleanser might do, which makes this an ideal gift for any skin type.


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