2023 Holiday Presents – Sharp Eye


For Kids:

For budding veterinarians, National Geographic Veterinarian Kit to care for stuffed animals. $64.94.





I love these Jellycat soft stuffed animals.  They are soft, whimsical, and quirky.  There are many to choose from.  Cecile Chicken is 9” x 4” and $32.50.







This is a 13-piece wood and polypropylene kids cooking set with gloves, cutting board, bear sandwich cutter, a fruit and vegetable peeler and shapers, plastic knives with serrated safe edges, and more.  $39.99.






Timelines of Nature is ideal for ages 9 – 12.   This book will teach young readers about geology, plants, and animals. They will learn how the moon was formed or how a tiger spends its day.  Each timeline is unique and explains a new topic.  The illustrations are beautiful.   $16.99

There is also Timelines of Everything:  From Woolly Mammoths to World Wars $15.99.






This is a foam rocket launcher for kids aged 3 and up.  It soars up to 100 feet and can be used indoors our outside. This set includes 8 multi-colored rockets and an adjustable stand.  $19.99






This mini waffle maker is very popular! It comes in 17 different colors, and It has a 4” non-stick cooking surface.  $9.95.



The Furby is back! It is more colorful, more responsive, and even has some dance moves on feet that make it rock back and forth.  Best for kids ages 6 and up.  $49.00






This is a mess-free foil art and craft activity.  The kit includes over 100 colorful foam stickers, 100 colorful foil sheets, 10 picture canvases, googly eyes and an instruction manual.  Choose from seven themes.   For ages 4 – 9.  $19.97.






Learning Resources Big Feelings Pineapple helps young children learn about their feelings. There are 26 face pieces from smiles to frowns and many in between. For ages 3+.$7.99.






This storytelling clock not only tells stories, but she moves, has an expressive face, tells silly jokes, and slips in some references to good manners.  She is also an alarm clock and night light.

She comes with 5 discs.   $31.49.

I love this kids’ Echo Dot.  It is the new smart speaker with Alexa.  It has parental controls and clear vocals and sound.  Kids can ask Alexa to play music, read stories, get help with their homework, and more.  Users can customize the way Alexa sounds by selecting a pretend owl or dragon voice along with character-inspired songs and jokes. $27.99.


These plates are 8.5” in diameter and make it OK to play with your food.  The plates provide endless entertainment.  The plates are ceramic and dishwasher safe.  $19.99





These ten faceted blocks are made from sustainably harvested wood and come in a cotton drawstring carrying bag. They are challenging because they require patience, precision and balance which helps kids develop their kinesthetic and visual creativity. $32.02.



For Him or Her:

Gripper Slippers from Bombas are lightweight, flexible, and very ‘grippy’.  They are available for men, women and kids and babies.  The double cushion women’s Gripper Slipper is $48.00.


Knitwise is a company that creates digital artwork based on the photos you submit, then knits the design into the sweater you have chosen. You can have one or more pets in your design, choose the style sweater, color, add any names or words, specify size, the process is simple.  Most long sleeve sweaters are $138.00.  The short sleeve crew neck sweater is $118.00.

The sweaters are 55% cotton and 45% polyester.  They are machine washable in cold water and can be tumbled dry on low.





I have lost track of my iPhone too many times.  I’ve decided to get an iPhone case from Bandolier.  The cases are all leather with a snap pocket for credit cards or cash.  Prices start at $98.00, with a cross body strap, depending on the size of your iPhone.

We heard from an ASE friend that she loves her Bandolier case but not the strap.  She opted instead for a strap from XOUXOU. Straps from XouXou are $29.00.   There are many choices of styles and colors.




I’m a big fan of well-made reversible belts.  They are so useful and great to travel with! This Harness belt is by Coach. Women’s reversible belt $150.00.

Men’s reversible belt cut to your size by Coach $195.00




Keen Howser Slippers are slip-on, and the microfiber lining gives a sock-like softness on bare feet.  They have memory foam footbeds and the firm midsole makes it feel like a real shoe.  A grippy rubber sole prevents slips and they are water-resistant.  Vegan made.

For Men- $95.00 depending on color.  There are six colors to choose from.

Women – $57.00 – $95.00 depending on the color. There are eight colors to choose from.





This large sea bream soap on a rope is 11 oz. and measures 7” L x 3” D x 4” H.  $44.00.

It also comes in Pomegranate.  $44.00.



Chipolo Card Spot Wallet Finder works with the Apple Find My network, like Air Tags. The Card Spot also works with Google’s item locating network. It is slim, credit card size and it will play a loud chirp if your lost item is nearby.  $34.95.


This Petzl, Bindi ultra-light has an adjustable bungee cord headband and throws enough light for bikers and runners. It is great for everyday use as well, and it is rechargeable via micro-USB port.  The light can be tilted up or down and there are three lighting modes – proximity, movement and distance. $44.95


This is a 6” cordless, handheld, battery-powered chainsaw for pruning.  Two batteries and three chains are included. It weighs 2.6 lbs.  I am including it in this article because I know quite a few people (primarily men) who would love to be let loose in their backyards with a mini chain saw. $75.99.


For the Kitchen and the Chef:

I heard a rave review on a podcast yesterday about the Smitten Kitchen’s latest cookbook called Keepers. If you don’t know about Smitten Kitchen’s Instagram account and you like food and cooking, you must check it out.  The photographs are mouth-watering, and I love most of the recipes.  I looked through this new cookbook, and it is fantastic. Who could resist “Leek and Brie Galette”, or “Weeknight Lemon Chicken Wings”?  It reminds me of the old Silver Palate Cookbook, one of my favorites.  $17.54


My kids are going to LOVE this! It is a S’mores roaster that uses clean smoke-free fuel that crackles just like a real fire.  Each fuel gel can burn up to 3 hours.  Roast marshmallows indoors around this concrete 8” stove.  It comes with one can of the gel fuel.  $69.00

Order this extra pack of 12 Terra Flame Clean Burning Smoke Free Fire Gel.  13 oz jars – 12 for $73.00.


 Chillz Ice Wraps lightweight and flexible.  They thaw evenly and can be wrapped around items you’d like to keep cool, or body parts that need to be iced. Perfect for picnics or sprained ankles.  Each sheet can be cut into any size and shape.  They are versatile, don’t add weight to your cooler, and are reusable.  They come in four colors. A set of 20 ice wraps (10 small, 5 medium, and 5 large) is $39.99.


This toaster with the see through window gets great reviews as a toaster but is also a wonderful throwback that allows users to watch their toast, toast!  It has an extra wide slot that fits bagels, an easy to clean crumb tray, and defrost, cancel, and reheat functions.  It comes in five colors. $50.00.


These are THE most beautiful tea towels.  They are made in Stoke on Kent, England by a very talented artist and there are 27 designs to choose from. They are made from unbleached natural cotton and are 14” x 27”.  They can do ordinary dishtowel duty or they can be framed.  They are $14.65 each.  Shipping is a bit of a jolt, but I loved them so much I bit the bullet.

For the baker:

This adjustable rolling pin comes with two 1/16 rings, two 1/8 rings, two 1/4” rings and two 3/8” rings so you can raise the rolling surface to achieve the desired dough thickness and consistency.  The rolling pin is 17.25” long and perfectly sized for any dough.  $15.00.

The 18” x 25” silicone pastry mat has dough diameter outlines and unit conversions.  The border doubles as a ruler with both inches and centimeters.  It is dishwasher safe.  $15.00.






Govino durable shatterproof plastic wine glasses.  Have a thumbprint that makes gripping easy. They are dishwasher safe, flexible, shatterproof, and recyclable. They hold 12 oz. $22.50 for 4.



I’m hoping this Cuisinart ice cream maker will churn out rich, smooth ice cream for a reasonable price as it claims. It makes 1.5 quarts and will also make sorbet and frozen yogurt.  It received 4.6 stars out of 5, but it’s always good to read the negative reviews.  At this price it’s worth a try, in fact, mine is on its way..  It also comes in red.  $52.99


This waffle maker is stainless steel and makes a 1” thick round waffle.  It is 12.33” D x 8.33” W x 8.18” H and weighs 1 pound. $59.93


Drizzle Oil:

This is delicious extra-virgin olive oil from Spain.  It comes in an easy-to-drizzle plastic bottle.  I keep mine on the kitchen counter for easy grabbing. 17 oz. for $16.00.

Sizzle Oil:

There is also Sizzle Oil which I keep next to the stove.  It is extra-virgin olive oil which is the oil you want to cook in high heat.  It has a mellow flavor and a high smoke point.  25.3 oz for $12.23.

I like to give these as a set.




My husband loves dates, and these are the best we’ve ever had.  Order quickly before they sell out for the season.  The dates are organic and so delicious they almost count as dessert, not just fruit.

We order the Signature Hand-Packed Medijool Dates – Current Harvest 2 lb. box for $23.00.



This year we are also trying the Limited Edition Harvest Box.  Each box has 2 pounds of their largest sweet and delicious hand-picked and hand-packed dates in a keepsake wooden box. $45.00.



The Rounds Bakery bakes savory crackers or sugar cookies.  The sugar cookies are brightly colored and beautifully designed.  Once you put the sugar cookie item in your basket you may request any custom colors.  Choose the cookies in sweet, vegan sweet or cocoa.  $42 for 45 pieces                                                                                                       Savory Crackers

The savory crackers come in the following flavors – Curry Cashew, Parmesan Olive, Gruyére Date, Cheddar Chive, Salami Idiazabal Rosemary, Apricot Pistachio Fennel, Anchovy Scallion, Toasted Sweet. They are bite size and should be eaten on their own, without an additional condiment or cheese.  $40.00 a box. There is also a Taster Box for $32.00.

Note: Some have nuts, and all are made in a facility processing nuts.





My friend Lynn N. told me about her favorite chocolates made by Wockenfuss Candies in Baltimore, MD. In her opinion, the best are the Caramels, Turtles, and Butter Creams. I added Almond Butter Crunch and Milk Chocolate Peanuts to my custom box.




For The Home:

This is a paper stool that folds up like a book and can be brought out when extra seating space is needed.  It has a felt cushion on the top. It is easy to assemble and is sturdy. When unfolded it will support up to 300 pounds.  It comes in three sizes.  The 11” D is $49.99, the 13.8” D is $59.99 and the 16.5” is $75.99.


Dogs love to play in puddles and snow.  When they get wet, we’ve seen these bathrobes for dogs used, and they work very well!  They dry the coat quickly. They can also be used as a sweater to keep them warm. They come in five colors and are $19.99 for the Small, $28.99 for the Medium, $31.99 for the Large and $35.99 for the XL.




I love this small ceramic fluted bowl. It is 6.5” D x 2.75” H.  It was inspired by a coffee filter but is much lovelier. $24.00.






Mushroom tale lamps create warm hues which are associated with stress reduction, reduced eye strain, and creating a lovely atmosphere to be in.  Their design is midcentury, and they come in orange and white.  Four bulbs are included in the box. $69.99



The Motli lighter from the USB Lighter Company is butane-free, has a rechargeable battery, and a flashlight for outdoor use.  It is flameless, windproof and comes in 20 colors and patterns to choose from. A charging cable is included and will plug into USB ports.   This is such an upgrade to the butane lighters that were disposable (terrible for the environment) and never worked when you needed them to.  Plus, with its flashlight we won’t feel too guilty sending someone outside to grill in the dark.  $45.00.






This portable light comes in four colors, provides three levels of light and a timer for 30, 60 or 120 minutes of illumination.  It also has an auto turn-off function.  It charges with an included USB cord and provides light up to six days per charge at its lowest brightness.  It is 7” H x 3” D. $49.00





For the Person Who Has Everything:

Rose Theodora is a counseling astrologer we’ve read about often in New York Magazine. Give a one-on-one astrological reading gift certificate.  Prices start at $25.00.  Get a free chart of the sky when you were born.

Listen to her COVID podcasts to become acquainted.


Last-minute gift of the day: Food!

A Goldbelly gift card is perfect for someone who has moved away from their favorite restaurant or specialty food shop.  Goldbelly will ship nationwide and you’ll be amazed at their range of food partners.


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