18 Disney Cruise Tips | Things To Do On Your Bahamas Adventure

Preparing for a Disney Cruise and looking for the top secrets to help you have a memorable time? Well, you’re in the right place to discover the best Disney Cruise line tips.  

A Disney Cruise is the ultimate way to have a fun-packed family vacation. With everything from world-class entertainment to fun rides and free treats and services, you’ll never have a moment of boredom. 

Disney Cruise at Castaway Cay

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But, if it’s your first time on a Disney Cruise, you might not know about all the great activities on offer. Not to worry, though. This guide covers all the Disney Cruise insider secrets so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest. 

Tip: Double up on the magical fun by stopping at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Florida before your cruise. 

How to Get There | Disney Cruise Dream Tips

Our 4-day Disney Dream Cruise departed to the Bahamas from Port Miami. To get there, we flew from London Heathrow to Miami, where we had an overnight stay to recharge before our cruise. 

Disney Cruise - Miami Port

Miami International Airport is the most important in sunny Florida and receives direct flights from many European countries. If you’re based in the United States, there are plenty of flights that only cost around $100, depending on where you’re flying from.

Disney Cruise Tips 2022

Ready to dive into the Disney fun? Below are the top Disney Cruise tips and secrets. This guide covers the best things to do on a Disney Cruise, as well as the things you shouldn’t do.  

Top 10 Things to Do on a Disney Cruise

Below are some of the top things you absolutely must try on your Disney Cruise. 

Get in the Disney Spirit at the Sailing Away Party

Disney Cruise - Sailing Away Party

Kick off your cruise in the right spirit at the Disney Sailing Away Party. Here, you’ll count down to the ship horn’s mighty roar and meet some of your favourite characters. These include Captain Mickey Mouse, Daisy Duck, and Goofy. 

Order a Room Service Breakfast — It’s Free!

Disney Cruise - Room Service Breakfast

Start your day off with a quiet morning in your stateroom, enjoying your favourite Disney cartoons and some breakfast. The best part is that the room service is free all day, every day. 

Savour the Famous Breakfast Mickey Waffles at Cabanas

Disney Cruise - Mickey Waffles

Head to the largest restaurant on the ship, Cabanas, for a mouth-watering buffet to fuel you for the day. This buffet room has tons of options on offer. But the famous breakfast Mickey Waffles will truly brighten your day. 

Slide Down the Aquaduck Water Coaster 

If there’s one place where you can safely release your inner child, it’s on a Disney cruise ship. And the Aquaduck is the perfect opportunity to feel free. The Aquaduck, exclusive to Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy cruise lines, is a clear 765-foot water coaster that drops four decks. 

Disney Cruise

Two-person rafts are available, so you can enjoy the slide with the kids. Or head down the scenic slide on your own. Lines tend to be shorter when the ship docks. But you can also queue early if you want to avoid long lines. 

Have Champagne Cocktails at the Pink Bar 

Disney Cruise - The Pink Bar

Head to the Pink wine and champagne bar in The District, an adults-only area on board. This bar is designed to resemble the inside of a Champagne bottle. You’ll have a sparkling time with everything from mixed drinks to irresistible Champagne cocktails. 

Explore the Epic Kids Clubs on Board

Disney cruise ships have various age-specific kids clubs, so the little ones can easily make friends and stay occupied. There’s the “It’s a small world” nursery for kiddos under three years old. Other kid’s clubs include the Edge, Vibe, and Disney’s Oceaneer Club.

Disney Cruise - Kids Club Vibe

Each has its own theme and decor — one even has a millennial falcon. It’s a great place to drop the kids off while you head to one of the bars for some cocktails. 

Dress Like a Pirate for Pirate Night

Disney Cruise - Pirate Night

What better place to dress up like a pirate than on a cruise to the Bahamas? Disney hosts the exciting Pirate Night, packed with trivia games, live performances, and pirate-themed meals. Dress up in your coolest pirate garb and join hundreds of other fans for an unforgettable experience highlighted by fireworks!

Enjoy Sunset Cocktails at the Adults Only Currents Bar

Disney Cruise - Sunset cocktails at Currents Bar

The open-air Currents bar set on Deck 13 is perfect for kicking back with your favourite cocktail. Enjoy the sunset views, good vibes, and ocean breeze with a moment away from the kids.

Try Disney’s Rotational Dining Experience

Enjoy all three themed restaurants on the Disney Dream ship by joining a rotational dining experience. Sign up on the navigator app, and you’ll be assigned a schedule and table number for every restaurant.

You’ll spend every night at a different restaurant, but you’ll have the same waiter throughout, ensuring a more personalised experience. 

Attend a Free Evening Theatre Show 

Enjoy the glitzy, Broadway-quality productions on offer at Disney’s 1,340-seat on-ship theatre. The elegant space has old-school red chairs and hosts two live performances a night. 

Disney Cruise - Theatre Beauty and the Beast

Take advantage of these complimentary performances, as you’d usually pay tons to see them on land. We watched Beauty and the Beast, which was an absolutely memorable experience.

What Not to Do on a Disney Cruise  – 8 Bonus Tips

Disney Cruise

One of the most important tips for your Disney Dream Cruise is not to while your days away in the staterooms. While the beds may be comfy, it would be a shame to miss out on all the fun cruise activities. 

Below are a few other things not to do on a Disney Cruise. 

Don’t Worry About Missing Your Daily Routine 

Forget your daily routine and embrace spontaneity to get the most out of your Disney trip. However, if you’d like to keep up with your fitness goals, there’s a fitness centre with top-of-the-line weight and cardio equipment. The centre also offers complimentary fitness classes — with an unbeatable view. 

You can also stay active by frequenting Goofy’s Sports Deck. This open-air area has a basketball court, a mini golf course, and virtual sports simulators. And don’t forget to take frequent splashes in the three freshwater pools on deck. 

Don’t Just Stick to the Free Coffee

Disney Cruise - coffee

While free services and treats are excellent, some things are worth splurging on. Be on the lookout for cafés that serve coffee with Disney-themed froth art on top. These make for great photos and will help you start your day in the Disney mood. 

Don’t Forget to Check the Daily Disney Cruise Activities

It’s no secret that Disney knows a thing or two about providing top-tier family entertainment. And it’s no different on the Disney Dream Cruise line. Have a look at the daily scheduled activities on your navigator app while planning your day. 

Disney Cruise - Silent Disco

You’ll spot unmissable activities like Disney Trivia, Sarge Says!, Champagne Tastings, Karaoke, and so much more. The Silent Disco is an absolute winner. 

Don’t Suffer in the Heat 

A cruise in the Bahamas comes with its fair share of heat. Luckily, the Disney cruise ship has plenty of quick-service stations where you can grab a refreshing treat whenever you need it. Stop at Eye Scream and Frozone Treats for unlimited soft-serve ice cream or an ice-cold drink. 

Don’t Think You Have to Join the Queues to Meet Your Favourite Disney Characters

Disney Cruise - Donald and Daisy Duck

There are tons of opportunities to meet Disney characters on board. But you may have to wait in line to snap a photo. If you’d like to avoid the queues, keep your eyes peeled for characters wandering around the ship. You may just bump into Mickey on your way to breakfast. 

Don’t Bring Cash or Credit Cards to Castaway Cay

Disney Cruise - Castaway Cay

You don’t want to lose your personal cards or cash on an island in the Bahamas — and you don’t have to. You can pay for everything on Disney’s private island with your stateroom card. 

Don’t forget that cold drinks and soft serve are unlimited here, too. And you’ll also receive complimentary meals. So you won’t have to spend much, if anything, on snacks. 

Don’t Forget the Free Childcare on the Island

You don’t have to miss out on adults-only fun on the island. Drop your kids at the island’s Scuttle’s Cove for supervised fun in the sea and sun. This area is similar to the on-board kids’ clubs and welcomes children between the ages of three and 12.

Your little ones will be in safe hands while you relax at adult-only spaces like Serenity Bay. 

Don’t Sleep Through the Fireworks

You may have to stay up past your bedtime, but the fireworks are the highlight of Pirate Night. This event only takes place once during the entire cruise and is a unique experience at sea. So be sure to check your navigator app and show up early to grab a good seat. 

Final Thoughts on Disney Cruise Tips and Tricks 2022

Disney Cruise - Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Now that you’ve got the low down on the top Disney Cruise secrets, you’re sure to have a great and goofy time. Don’t be afraid to let your inner child out, and enjoy all the fantastic experiences to the fullest. 

If you’re looking for more fun experiences around the Caribbean, be sure to have a look at this Grenada travel guide. You’ll also love a stop at Palm Beach, Florida if you’re eager for more fun in the Sunshine State. 


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