15+ Traeger Pellet Smoker BBQ Sides

There is always a good reason to use the pellet smoker! Today you’ll learn how to make a bunch of easy BBQ sides – many of which are fast and use only a few ingredients! These delicious smoked sides are perfect for game day or a holiday meal like Thanksgiving or Christmas…

Easy Traeger Smoked Side Dishes for the Pellet Grill

As a cookbook author and smoked foods cooking enthusiast, I’ve tested and perfected a handful of easy Traeger smoked side dishes that I know you will love…

Traeger Smoked Side Dish Acorn Squash

Vegetable smoker BBQ sides…

Smoking some vegetable sides is so nice because it really goes well with any main smoker dish. It’s also a healthier cooking option. 

Here’s a snapshot of my favorite smoked vegetables. 

For a main dish, try this tried-and-true smoked whole turkey recipe…

Cooking Traeger Pellet Grill Smoked Side Dish with Asparagus

Hearty comfort-food smoker sides…

Cooking Traeger Smoked Side Dish Sausage on the Pellet Grill Recipe

I love these sides because they’re filling comfort food perfect for pairing with smoked burgers, brisket, chicken…etc. 

Mashed Potato Smoked Side with Traeger Smoked Steak

Fruit smoker sides…

This one might be surprising, but yes, smoking fruit is quite tasty and actually pairs well with smoked meats. 

For instance, if you’ve never had smoked pork with smoked pineapple – you really should! Delish!

Don’t forget to enhance your BBQ side dishes with flavorful pellets! 

For strong flavor, try hickory or mesquite… and for a light smoke flavor, try cherry or apple.

Easy Traeger Smoked Side Dishes Recipes Collage with text overlay and Sip Bite Go logo

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Are you a foodie, too?

Hey home chef, hope that provides you with awesome smoker sides to help beef up your smoker meals. 

Enjoy cooking and chat soon on Instagram / TikTok / YouTube.

– Jenna

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