15 Kid’s Bedroom Christmas Decorations

As December 25th nears, there’s an undeniable sparkle in the air—a magical anticipation for much more than presents. Nora is old enough to start to understand Santa, and Lily is still tiny enough to dress up and snuggle up, making this holiday season the most special one yet. As a parent, it’s time to start our own traditions. This year we went all out with Christmas decorations at home on December 1. Then we sprinkled Nora’s room with some special Christmas joy in the form of subtle but sweet Christmas decor. There’s something truly special about creating a festive haven within the cozy confines of her personal space. And if you know, you know- the magic is in the details.

15 Bedroom Christmas Decorations

I’m no interior designer, but when diving into the world of kid’s bedroom decorations, consider elements that are not only visually appealing but also age-appropriate and safe. Opt for decorations that won’t pose any hazards (no Christmas candles or glass figurines in low places) and, if possible, involve your little one in the process. Their eyes light up with excitement when they have a say in turning their space into a festive masterpiece. Christmas music and dancing will amplify the experience for your little. And if your 2-year-old is acting like a toddler (um duh), pour yourself some holiday cheer and surprise them with a bedroom reveal instead. 😉

pink crhistmas tree holiday cheer

Pink Christmas tree

Greens and reds are grand, but we prefer pink to steal the show around here. This nontraditional mini pink tree is so fun and playful. Paired, of course, with matching pink ornaments that both Nora and I put on together! I have a feeling it will continue to get more whimsical and fun with age!

Adorable Christmas bedding

Let your child snuggle into the holiday spirit with Christmas-themed beddings. From Santa Claus to reindeer, these festive crib sheets and pillows bring joy to bedtime.

bookshelf christmas decorations

Like everything, intention is much more important than material things, and you can do so much with so little. Sparkling fairy lights, DIY paper ornaments, and decorating Christmas cookies are great activities to make this season more festive without leaving home.

Happy decorating and magic-making parents! When you go to bed EXHAUSTED after a full weekend of holiday festivities, re-reading the Christmas stories and navigating the sugar crashes, know you are not alone and these years are fleeting. One day, we’ll look back at these moments and wish we could time travel (I hear). Cuddle them close and create memories that we’ll remember forever!

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