12 Must-Try Korean Recipes That You Can Make at Home

Are you a fan of bold and distinctive flavors? If so, Korean cuisine is definitely worth trying. With a variety of mouth-watering dishes, ranging from chewy rice cakes to spicy bulgogi, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The best part is that you can easily prepare these dishes from the comfort of your own home.

Korean Glass Noodle Stir Fry (Japchae)

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Another fantastic Korean noodle dish that’s known for its chewy glass noodles is japchae. This chewy glass noodle dish is cooked with a delicious sweet and savory sesame soy sauce and can be made without parboiling the noodles!

Get the Recipe: Japchae (Korean Glass Noodle Stir Fry) recipe

Spicy Soft Tofu Stew (Kimchi Soondubu)

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This cozy Korean stew is made with a seafood broth, pork belly and soft tofu. Perfect for any cold night when you want a comfort food that’s warm and cozy.

Get the Recipe: Kimchi Soondubu (Korean Spicy Soft Tofu Stew) recipe

Korean Spicy Rice Cakes (Tteokbokki)

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If you’re looking for a warm and cozy dish, and craving something chewy then you should definitely try tteokbokki. This easy-to-make dish is made with chewy rice cakes cooked in a spicy, sweet, and savory cozy sauce.

Get the Recipe: Tteokbokki recipe 

Spicy Korean Pork Bulgogi (Jeyuk Bokkeum)

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This spicy Korean bulgogi dish is made with thin slices of pork belly and pan-fried in a sweet and spicy sauce. Delicious served with rice but even better served as a lettuce wrap with rice!

Get the Recipe: Spicy Korean Pork Bulgogi recipe

Kimchi Fried Rice with Spam

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If you are looking for a simple and easy fried rice recipe that is loaded with flavor, this would be it! This kimchi fried rice is made with crispy pan-fried spam and kimchi and topped with a sunny side-up egg.

Get the Recipe: Kimchi Fried Rice recipe

Cheesy Cheese Ramen

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This cheese ramen is a lot richer and thicker than your typical soupy cheese ramen. It’s creamy, comforting and made with a simple cheddar cheese sauce cooked with thick and chewy instant ramen noodles.

Get the Recipe: Cheese Ramen recipe 

Korean Cucumber Salad (Oi Muchim)

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This Korean cucumber salad is easy-to-make and sweet and tangy. It is delicious on Pork Bulgogi lettuce wraps, mixed it into rice bowls as a veggie topping or eaten it as-is!

Get the Recipe: Korean Cucumber Salad (Oi Muchim) recipe 

Tuna Mayo Deopbap (Korean Tuna Rice Bowl)

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This simple tuna rice bowl is made with canned tuna mixed with garlic butter and served over rice and generously drizzled with mayo. Delicious, cozy and easy!

Get the Recipe: Tuna Mayo Deopbap (Korean Tuna Rice Bowl) recipe 

Korean Corn Cheese (Elote Style)

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If you’re planning to make a snack to share with some friends, try making this delicious Korean corn cheese recipe. It’s sweet and creamy and loaded with cheese and can be served with chips or eaten with a spoon! This version also has a twist to it and has a bit of feta and lime to give it a bit of a kick!

Get the Recipe: Korean Corn Cheese (Elote Style) recipe 

Pickled Daikon Radish (Chicken Mu)

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If you enjoy pickles, you definitely want to try pickled daikon radish. These pickles are crunchy, sweet and tangy and go amazing with Korean fried chicken as banchan (Korean side dish), hence the name chicken-mu!

Get the Recipe: Pickled Daikon Radish recipe 

Spicy Korean Carrots

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Crunchy and Spicy Korean Carrots Salad will win people over at potlucks, picnics, and as a unique side dish in any home. Made with fresh carrots, coriander, garlic, and oil, these Korean-style marinated carrots are easy, quick and always delicious! Ready in 20 minutes.

Get the Recipe: Spicy Korean Carrots recipe 

Korean Corn Dogs

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These scrumptious snacks combine a crispy, golden batter with a mouthwatering blend of hot dogs, cheese, and a variety of toppings for an unforgettable eating experience.

Get the Recipe: Korean Corn Dog recipe 

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