10 Things I Love Sunday

Ahhhh! It really feels like fall where I live. Starting to have a lot of cool mornings, pumpkin spice lattes and even a long sleeve shirt or two. Ahhhhh! My favorite season!

1. We are putting finishing touches on our home this month and planning to take a long break from remodeling after this phase. I am so happy with our new wallpaper and spooky sconces. This is the mirror—I’m so happy with how it’s coming along.

2. Emma made a recipe for Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew. I love this drink SO much!!

3. Ghost pillows forever.

4. My Halloween costume.

5. I just got these appetizer plates in the mail and they are perfect. Cozy, cozy.

6. I just ordered a jolly roger flag for my kiddos’ playhouse. Spooky season!

7. I’m using quite a few of these baskets around my home for storage. I really like the dark color.

8. I am decorating my first Halloween tree this year (along with my kids, of course!).

9. I ordered this seasonal blanket for my baby niece. So cute and you can get it personalized.

10. For all my fellow pug lovers.

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