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For the last week of the #BeachBumChallenge (round 1 😉 ) I HAD to sneak in one more booty workout to work that Beautiful Beach Bum of yours!!

This is the perfect quick booty workout you can do ANYWHERE! No equipment and only 10 minutes — just up my alley!

You can repeat this workout 2-3 if you want a little more booty burning goodness, or just do one round for some quick toning.

Remember — in all of these exercises, really keep your abs pulled in tight and squeeze that booty for maximum booty lifting!

 My Equipment:
Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat (in Geo)

Find your PRINTABLE download HERE!

10 Minute Booty Workout

10 Minute Booty Lift

  • Walking Bridges – A variation of one of my favorites!! Lay on your back with your feet flat on the floor and knees bent. Lift the booty into a bridge position and press into those heels. Keep your hips nice and steady by engaging those abs, and then lift one leg at a time, really pressing into the opposite foot, as if you were marching your legs. Get ready to feel the booty!
  • Single Leg Bridges – Keeping those knees bent, extend the RIGHT leg up to the sky and get ready to focus on the LEFT booty cheek. Press into that LEFT heel and lift the hips up, making sure your hips stay even. Lower back down and repeat without lowering that RIGHT leg. Complete all repetitions on the LEFT leg, and then switch sides.
  • Thigh Toners – Lay on your RIGHT side with your legs slightly in front of you, and your hips, knees, and ankles stacked. Keep the belly tight as you lengthen and extend through your top LEFT leg, to lift the leg about 12 inches off the floor (think more about lengthening through your muscles, then getting that leg really high). Make sure to keep the legs parallel and don’t let those hips wobble. Repeat on the other side.
  • Booty Kickbacks – Come onto your elbows and knees, in an all fours position. Slightly shift your weight into your RIGHT knee as you lift the LEFT leg slightly. Keep the LEFT knee bent at 90 degrees and flex through the foot. Engage the booty and hamstrings on the LEFT leg to lift that foot up, squeezing at the top, and lower back down. Complete all repetitions on the LEFT and then switch sides.
  • Booty Lifts – Lay on your stomach and slightly turn your legs out and bring the feet shoulder width apart into a “V” shape. Pull your belly button into your spine, and engage your booty to lift the legs 6 inches or so off the ground, and then lower. Really squeeze that booty at the top and make sure those abs stay tight the whole time to protect your lower back.
  • Booty Curls – Stay up in your last Booty Lift and then flex through the feet, and use the hamstrings to curl the heels in towards your booty. Extend the legs back out straight and repeat, making sure to keep the booty squeezed the whole time and don’t let those thighs touch the mat.

Find your PRINTABLE download HERE!

Let  me know in the comments if there are any workout requests as we go into ROUND 2 of the #BeachBumChallenge!! Woo hooooo!! 🙂


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